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    FTP using proxy server

    I m facing problems when Im trying to upload files to the ftp site using msinet.ocx or wininet.dll.I can do it directly without a proxy server,but using a proxy server i m not able to do that.How...
  2. Thread: Crystal Report

    by dixxie

    RTF in crystal report

    I have an image field in the database which stores text with its RTF.How can I show this column data in crystal report .Also I want to display it with its RTF.Please give me areply ,thanx
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    That will work in a normal dtpicker control, but...

    That will work in a normal dtpicker control, but i m calling the datepickers calendar using API calls, I m able to show the calendar on keypresses,but the focus not comes to the calender only on any...
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    Transferring keyboard control to the calendar in the datepicker control

    I ve to select a date from the datepicker controls calender without using the mouse.How can i add a code which uses the key events to transfer the control to the calendar and thereafter i can use the...
  5. thanks a lot , I checked the link and i ve got...

    thanks a lot , I checked the link and i ve got the answer i wanted.Thanks once again
  6. Resizing controls inside an ocx control at design time

    I do have controls like text box inside an ocx conrol which i m creating.I m not able to control the height and width property of the inside control(text box) in the design time when i m using this...
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