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    Re: Active directory call failing

    Let me paste a code snippet for you so that you can better understand the issue:
    IADs* piObject = NULL;

    hRes = ADsGetObject(,
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    Re: Active directory call failing

    Hello Victor,

    Thank you for the reply. I have followed the correct procedure of carrying out the AD search as per MSDN. In my case when iam having a sindle DC for the domain, i am able to properly...
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    Active directory call failing

    Hi All,

    I am trying to add an account into the active directory and then delete it after some time.

    Iam able to add the account successfully into the Domain controller, but, while trying to...
  4. Failed to access registry keys while the server is rebooting

    Operating system: Windows 2003 server

    Hello Gurus,

    The Following is the issue that iam facing while accessing Windows Registry:

    we use a service which sets values to a few...
  5. unable to delete directory which has files marked STATUS_DELETE_PENDING

    Hi All,

    I have a file system driver that would set the Delete flag in ZwSetInformationFile in order to delete a file and iam using ZwQueryDirectoryFile to walk thorugh the direcotory tree...
  6. Re: Implementing RemoveDirectory to handle non empty directories


    Me too, Iam getting the same error, in my case iam using ZwSetInformationFile to set the delete flag on the directory.

    But this call is failing by saying that DIRECOTRY_NOT_EMPTY ...even...
  7. Re: DIRECOTRY_NOT_EMPTY when trying to delete an empty directory


    I feel that there might be some handle leak some where for a file inside the directory, because of which the file doesnt get deleted and ultimately leads to failure of Directory deletion.
  8. DIRECOTRY_NOT_EMPTY when trying to delete an empty directory


    I have a file system filter driver that sets the delete flag for a file to be deleted. when iam trying to delete a directory recursively, iam getting an error saying that DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY...
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