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    Re: Deploy Problems

    Alright so I screwed up big and I take the humility only for the fact that someone seeing this one day will quickly solve THEIR OWN ERROR. Checked my connection string to find I was referencing...
  2. Re: Excel CSV Import Export Printing

    Sorry Folks I made it back around to this issue, the only thing I can really tell you is that I think the System.Data was interfering in the Interop but that doesn't explain why it didn't work when I...
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    [RESOLVED] Deploy Problems

    Alright I've tried everything I could think of thus far. My code works on my development machine, but when I deploy I get this error:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
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    Casting Time DateTime MySQL to C#

    I have a MySQL data adapter and I am trying to query a table and place it in a DataSet. The problem I have is SOME of the time and DateTime values are being converted into C# TimeSpan variables...
  5. Re: Excel CSV Import Export Printing

    SOLVED (for now) Not the way I would like but I found a work around until I figure out that Interop problem. I used Crystal Reports to export the data into excel. It's dirty, but it works, for now....
  6. Re: Excel CSV Import Export Printing

    I finished Crystal Report Export Printer but still can't get this to work.
  7. Re: Excel CSV Import Export Printing

    Getting Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel to work notes:

    Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 800702e4...
  8. [RESOLVED] Excel CSV Import Export Printing

    I am working on my first Import Export manager. I keep looking at the objects and I don't quite understand how to go from csv to excel to a nice printable format. Used the Jet engine and a schema.ini...
  9. Re: Declaring the size of int, double, floats


    I may be wrong but I think you want to know the string::length aka string::size of each of this. You may have to cast them all to strings but a method should be something like string...
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    Re: Stream read help

    This would be better

    using System;
    using System.IO;

    class Program
    static void Main()
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    Re: NumberToDateString formatting issue

    Inside Crystal Reports I did something like this using Mid() Left() and Right() functions keep messing with those and either DateTimeValue() or CDate() and you should be able to get what you need. If...
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    Re: seperating code into classes

    (People have to start somewhere)

    Start by looking through and identifying your entities. and the reason why you would want to create them into objects (classes) for example I'd like to be able to...
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    Re: HDR=No doesnt work

    Are you using a schema.ini? I just had the same issue and found in schema.ini there is a setting called ColNameHeader=FALSE and BTW even though this is 6 years old I joined just to post this. So...
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