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  1. Re: how to Clip window to primary display monitor

    hello VladimirF,

    thanks for your input,

    i think i did not explain the problem correctly. i do NOT want to confine App to primary monitor,but when user moves apps to the other...
  2. how to Clip window to primary display monitor

    dear respected members.

    if a computer is connected with another monitor(extended display), as we know we can move a window to secondary (extended) display, while still using primary monitor...
  3. Re: Aero effect Shadow, and transparency goes away if Rgn APIs are used

    more update with screen shot. i am using this code in default MFC application.

    void CMonitorTestAppDlg::OnMoving(UINT fwSide, LPRECT pRect)
    CRect rc(*pRect);

    if ( pRect->right >...
  4. Aero effect Shadow, and transparency goes away if Rgn APIs are used


    i have a Default MFC Application, and i have an imaginary Rectangle(larger then MFC Apps) in the Desktops,
    i want to clip the MFC applications when it moves beyond that rectangle. here is...
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    Re: LSP Question

    hello just an update.

    the question #1 is solved. i can not see it because it is encoded. when browser issues GET request it could define in the HTTP header as to what kind of encoding it supports....
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    LSP Question


    i am trying to develop a LSP where i could restrict access to certain website. using the IFLSP sample provided by Microsoft. i am able to see the URL in WSPSend Request.if this URL has to...
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    Re: can't open file(s)

    strcpy should be replaced with strcpy_s version.
    and open the resorce file and delele the MANIFEST.

    it should be ok.
  8. how to enumerate files in the Mydocument in vista and windows 7


    i have a client application running under the user Account. which retrieves the MyDocuments path through

    SHGetFolderPath( NULL, CSIDL_MYDOCUMENTS, NULL, 0, szPath );

    i am passing...
  9. Thread: Detours?

    by Deepak_Sharma

    Re: Detours?


    essetially you have over written the values what the Oginal function has returned. so you will receives NULL only.

  10. Re: COM Service Startup issues on startup

    hello Arjay

    you and some other guy at MS pointed me at right direction. it was essentially that the COM logger service has not started. i had to set dependency to both my application in the SCM...
  11. Re: COM Service Startup issues on startup

    hello arjay.

    the COM logger service is a Windows service. if you remember we had a good discussion about centralized logging before.

    Untill now it worked as expected. but this startup issue is...
  12. Re: COM Service Startup issues on startup

    hello Arjay,

    thanks for your reply.

    here is what is happening. there is a service application which on startup tries to create the COM logger service instance. COM logger service startup type...
  13. COM Service Startup issues on startup


    i am working on the application where i have developed COM logger service for centralized logging. i register the COM Server (Out of process ) as service
    so that when a application 1 (...
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    Re: C2143, C2653; Weird class errors


    this is called circular dependency. either break this by defining a new header. which both classes inherits or make one of them as forward declared.

  15. Re: COM interface and inheritance

    hello Igor.


    Ibase is the standard ATL object. it is derived from CComObjectRootEx which provides Iunknown implementation.

    am i correct here? still confused about cases and difference...
  16. Re: COM interface and inheritance

    hello Igor,

    here is the attached sample for it. it would be very nice if you could explain. i am stuck here

    Case 3: Ibase has Iunknown implemented.
    one more confusion i have is that when i...
  17. Re: COM interface and inheritance


    now i have come up with a demo project and i am a little bit confused.

    1. I created a ATL project ATLTest (EXE).
    2. i added a interface IService
    3. i added one method Get(IBase...
  18. [RESOLVED] COM interface and inheritance


    i have a question about Interfaces in COM

    i have a Ibase interface which has a method DoBase().
    i derive two classes from this base interface class CBase called

  19. COM Method call blocks Client in COM Server

    i have a COM Server which exposes a COM interface name "IMyInterface".
    it has a lengthy processing COM method (Init )that must be called before any other method calls of this interface.
    the problem...
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    STA and MTA and COM Logger


    i am working on a COM logger. earlier i had a problem of COM marshalling in the Clients of COM logger.i read some document then found that if i change the threading model to MTA then i do...
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    [RESOLVED] ATL COM registration!!

    i am having weired problem.
    may be i am mistaken somewhere. i have ATL COM service object.
    i want to install it through /Service param, and register it with "/Regserver".
    since i want...
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    Re: COM base Logger (inproc)

    i have one more question that how you guys handle a situation like RPC_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE
    i think we try to reinitialize the COM pointers vai COM calls with some count maintained if could not then...
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    Re: COM base Logger (inproc)

    hello guys,

    sorry for being late. i was assigned to some different critical project for some duration.
    anyways i am back.
    here is the update and what i have come so far.

    i made a out of...
  24. Re: UDP and retry machanism a design question

    hello alex,

    yes it is in the same order!!
    what is watchdog thread?

  25. Re: UDP and retry machanism a design question


    Skizmo: yes it needs to be in UDP. we have come so far that we could not change it to TCP.

    there is one more think that i want to discuss that

    i have two list for this task. ...
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