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  1. Thread: Apache server

    by Flakes

    Re: Apache server

    what you need to do is find your external ip address, this can quite easily be found in google a search for 'external IP' will give you, your external I.P.

    then you need to go onto your router and...
  2. Thread: AJAX Tutorials?

    by Flakes

    AJAX Tutorials?

    Hi everyone,

    does anyone have any good AJAX tutorials that they can refer to me, ive been wanting to get a better insight to AJAX, currently i have a site set up that uses little bits of AJAX for...
  3. Re: onclick and submit form, with if(confirm())

    unfortunately im not quite sure how to correct the problem and still have it look the way i want. ive been asked(by the client) to make this website compatible with FF, FF2, FF3, IE6, IE7 and IE8,...
  4. Re: onclick and submit form, with if(confirm())

    ok so i tried using onsubmit, and i still get the same results, the dialog appears but when a button is clicked nothing happens, i know its not a bug in the delete, because if i remove the JavaScript...
  5. Re: onclick and submit form, with if(confirm())

    Brilliant, thankyou. yeah i was looking for the report post button but couldnt find it lol, first time on these forums.

    ill give that code a go right away, and let you know if it works.

  6. [RESOLVED] onclick and submit form, with if(confirm())

    Hi all,

    i have recently come across a problem with my code while trying to use JavaScript with a form, simply when i use the onclick function my form will not submit, what i want is a...
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