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  1. costom second header row in datagridview

    I'm trying to create costom second header row in datagridview
    to allow the user to filter.
    i want it to be below the regular header.

    i started trying but the DataGridViewRowCollection
  2. Re: Getting data from host, convert to string and then to bytes again.

    i wrote code to download a file from ftp and it worked

    string filename_remote = "ftp://......................./file.txt";

    // read file
  3. Re: RichTextBox + MySQL String and '\n' problem...


    rtbText.Text.Replace("\n", "\n\r");
    rtbText.Text.Replace("\n", "\r\n");
  4. changes of properties in ExpandableObjectConverter not updating

    I'm using ExpandableObjectConverter to group a collection of properties.
    it shows fine in the properties window, but the changes doesn't show in the *.Designer.cs file
    so every time the desiner is...
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