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  1. Thread: Help!

    by HanneSThEGreaT

    Re: Help!

    Just a note on your Do While loops ( that are not needed here as DM pointed out ). You need to change the values of the object being checked inside a do while loop. A do while loop is known as a...
  2. Re: Convert code C# 2008 to code C# 2005 ?

    Switching back to a previous version just because you don't understand the newer methods is not the way to go.... I suggest learning LINQ and see how easy it can make everything for you
  3. Re: How to Successfully Retire as a Senior Software Engineer?

    He is and always was :)
  4. Re: Not able to create More than 1 Partition in USB Drive using kernel32 and DeviceIo

    Does this work with C++ on WIndows 8.1? The reason I ask is I know there has been a lot of changes made on how to communicate with USB devices since Windows 7
  5. Re: Receiving error on build ShockwaveFlashObjects not being includded

    Have you set all the appropriate references?
  6. Re: New to Programming - need help understanding code.

    OK, let us have a look - just to add onto what DM has said.. :

    Do Until counter = Sales.length
    sum = FormatCurrency(Sales(counter)) //this is what I don't understand, what does this...
  7. Re: Open *.mpg and/or *.mp4 in VB6

    Please do a search on this forum, as this question has been asked and answered numerous times in the past
  8. Re: Shape on top of another control in activex

    Why not just simply hide the buttons, then draw the shape?
  9. Re: Not able to create More than 1 Partition in USB Drive using kernel32 and DeviceIo

    What Operating system is this supposed to run on?
  10. Re: Flat Combo with custom button, border & nose color

    javabill, Please ask a question and do not just copy and paste your code onto this forum, expecting us to know what the problem is. Help us help you.
  11. Re: How to Successfully Retire as a Senior Software Engineer?

    OK, my 2 cents...

    A year or so ago, I was also in need of a new job. Now, I have worked at one place for about 17 years - and here I was: looking for a job. Praying after every interview that...
  12. Replies

    Re: .NET web service

    You are going to end up creating a WCF service in any case. The question should be : Should my service expose REST, to be used with XML, or, should my service rather expose JSON.

    Both are platform...
  13. Re: Convert Back to Visual Studio 2008 - Please Help

    Don't trust everything you read on the internet! :) Just kidding.

    This may be helpful to you :

    But I don't understand why you actually want to go back...
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    Re: Keys doesn't work

    Discussing keylogger and such are against the AUP of this site :

    Please adhere to it
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    Re: Entity Framework Associations

    Not sure :blush: I am using the one in VS 2012.

    WarehouseID in Warehouse is also a primary key. So, I deleted MovementID from the StockMovement model and thought it could work, now i get these...
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    Entity Framework Associations


    Long time no see. I have been extremely busy at my new job:ehh:

    Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate the Entity Framework designer!

    I have two tables:
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    Re: About a Friend

    This is so sad :( He was a giant amongst men. May he rest in peace :cry:
  18. Re: Download video on youtube with vb6 ?

    it is obsolete for VB6, as simple as that, sorry...
  19. Replies

    Re: how to create irregular shape button?

    Thanks for posting, Irek. Just keep in mind that this thread is quite old. Reviving old threads usually messes up forum flow. Feel free to help in more current threads.
  20. Re: Download video on youtube with vb6 ?

    I think it would be very very difficult getting VB6 code that makes use of the current youtube SDK, as they compensate more for newer versions of VB.

    Have a look here :
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    Re: Deleting Excel Sheet

    Thanks for helping!
    Please note though, that this thread is over six years old. Reviving old threads are usually frowned upon around here :)
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    Re: What should I be doing differently?

    Actually, Form_Load happens after the form has been loaded, thus making it the perfect place for this type of processing. A complete list of Form events can be found here :
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    Re: Algorithms

    Sorry, but this looks like homework. We usually do not do everything for people, as they must at least put in an effort themselves.

    The first five questions are straightforward - simple maths, so...
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    Re: How do I get connected USB info?

    I would instead have a look at the phone maker's website for an SDK - usually they do supply that. I wouldn't play around with APIs specific to USB insertion and removal as your cell phone might...
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    Re: How to implement a SQL project?

    All he will need on his computer is the database ( and obviously whatever .NET Framework ). You can use the Script As functionality in SQL to create the queries necessary to create the database and...
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