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    Re: Array subset

    :D sorry for this, I copy-pasted an example code just to show how the Update might be. But the nitty-gritty is that I wanted to show that the Update function will write bytes starting from the...
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    Re: Array subset

    These are some library functions. I cannot imagine to rewrite anything that accepts byte[], even .Net Framework functions like FileStream.Write. It is not applicable.

    In C++ I would simply do...
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    Re: Array subset

    OK, what I was trying to ask is, how can I pass such a SubArray class to a function like:
    public void Update(byte[] buffer)
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    Re: Array subset

    Like CGKevin's class in first thread's reply? :) I already got exactly what you say, with an indexer too. As I explained, all of my problems are in passing that kind of object to methods that have...
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    Re: Array subset

    Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, there is this possibility. The thing is that that kind of change would involve a lot of different classes and would be quite challenging at this step of...
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    Re: Array subset

    one of my classes that takes care of socket communication between devices returns an array (byte []) containing a whole message. The message consists of some initial bytes and then a data part....
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    Re: Array subset

    Thank you for your reply.

    As you can see in my code the function I need returns a byte[], which is what I need, because I must also pass the sub buffer to methods that accept byte[], and there is...
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    Array subset

    I need to create an array subset. ArraySegment is not really what I look for, since I would like to access the subset as you access any other array. The most important thing is that the subset...
  9. Re: Windows 7 64-bit C# Build: 'Any CPU' or 'x86' ?

    Thank you guys for your answers.

    I started developing my application 5 years ago, 64-bit app were not a big issue then. I never touched the 'Any CPU' property and when I first installed...
  10. Windows 7 64-bit C# Build: 'Any CPU' or 'x86' ?

    Development PC: Windows 7 32-bit, Visual Studio 2008
    C# app: .Net Framework 2.0

    My latest version doesn't work under Windows 7 64-bit (it can't find a registry path with some keys). That happens...
  11. Wow6432Node - 32-bit Application on Windows 7 64-bit

    My 32-bit application (.Net Framework 3.5 compiled with MS Visual Studio 2008) has got problems when it is installed on Windows 7 64-bit machines.
    I found this code to access a Registry path saved...
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    Re: Registry Keys

    Darwen, I developed a class to easily access the Registry, so I store the RegistryKey regkey as a member variable.
    I am wondering:
    How can I ensure the key is closed when I've finished with it,...
  13. Re: What are the Image coordinates when PictureBoxSizeMode.Zoom?

    PictureBox.Dock = DockStyle.Fill into the Form and that's how I wish it to appear.
    The PictureBox aims to show images from a camera and the DrawLine is needed to show a grid on the film from the...
  14. What are the Image coordinates when PictureBoxSizeMode.Zoom?

    this code draws an horizontal line on a PictureBox.
    void bigWindowPictureBoxCamera_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
    PictureBox pb = (PictureBox)sender;...
  15. Re: CommonAppDataPath and UserAppDataPath

    I've got 1Gb of files to move, so I think that this would be a useless waste of time :thumbd: , when these files could be sited always in the same place :thumb: .

    There's lots of things I could...
  16. CommonAppDataPath and UserAppDataPath

    Hi everybody,

    my application setup installs some MS Access mdb files, which will be modified during app's execution.

    I thought about installing them in Application.CommonAppDataPath or...
  17. C# App deployment Framework detection

    I created a Setup Project for my C# Application.
    Though I selected

    Download prerequisites from the component vendor's web site,

    it happens that when I launch Setup.exe the Framework 3.5 SP1...
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    Setup Project, folders copy

    I created a setup project using Visual Studio Wizard
    (Other Project Types/Setup and Deployment/Setup Project).

    I would like to copy a folder from my setup.exe location.
    I don't want to...
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    Re: Insert text into webpage textbox

    have you found a solution for this issue?
  20. Re: UnauthorizedAccessException when accessing Virtual COM port

    I mean that that exception is not thrown by my main thread nor any thread created from my code. I tried trapping it like this:

    static void Main(string[] argv)
  21. Re: UnauthorizedAccessException when accessing Virtual COM port

    That's what I'd prefer, either. But you cannot trap the exception since it is thrown by a thread created somewhere else of my code. From the link:
  22. Re: UnauthorizedAccessException when accessing Virtual COM port

    I solved my problem adding a config file to my Visual Studio C# project. My app.config file is this:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  23. Re: ListView & flickering & DoubleBuffered

    thanks but I already tried that, only DoubleBuffered seems to solve this problem. I don't see why you all seem to dislike this solution :eek:.
  24. Re: ListView & flickering & DoubleBuffered

    OK, I understand. But do you really think that such a memory allocation could be a problem when working on PC Windows system, with virtual memory and so on? My app is not run under embedded systems...
  25. Re: ListView & flickering & DoubleBuffered

    I have no more problem with the flickering (I used DoubleBuffered property).
    It's just that I wonder why not setting it to true by default in the Framework, when there's no side-effects.
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