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  1. Re: Big .EXE Startup behaviour "locked ad loaded"


    I see why this brings up security thoughts about this and if our projects would be "serious software" I would not ask such things ^^

    Most projects are simple tools (small, with and without...
  2. Re: Big .EXE Startup behaviour "locked ad loaded"

    Yea I know :-)

    It's the way I do it now: having a "Loader" which does licensing, updating, etc... and the main stuff is in a DLL file. Everything is installed / uninstalled using NSIS.

    My Post...
  3. Re: Big .EXE Startup behaviour "locked ad loaded"

    Oh and I should say: I'l like to change loading behaviour like that only the executable code is loaded and the resources on demand. I thought there might be a way like some properties in the manifest...
  4. Big .EXE Startup behaviour "locked ad loaded"


    Since Windows Vista Windows seems to load the full exe file and lock it before it runs it.

    Is there a way of changing both behaviours?

    For example:
    I'd like to provide a single .exe...
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