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  1. How to Create a Schedule Task to Run a Batch File with VB6

    I want to know how to create a Schedule Task which is to run a batch file with VB6

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: add .reg file inside VB6

    This is just an example , as some .reg file is quite long and in different location like above.
    Instead of generate a .reg file and and use
    Shell ("regedit /s C:\xxx.reg)
    I want to run the...
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    add .reg file inside VB6

    I want to add a .reg file into Registry by inside VB6 , I don't want :

    Shell ("regedit /s C:\xxx.reg)

    As sometimes it works in Win8 by not in Win7 , or vise versa. The .reg file is a bit long ,...
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    cannot run a .lnk file completely

    Hello everybody ,

    I've a simple batch file and want to execute in VB6 :

    @echo off
    TASKKILL /IM explorer.exe /F
    start explorer

    It's very simple , I name this batch to perm.cmd. But for...
  5. Re: How to copy file with Administrator's right

    Thanks Sir ,

    I'm using Windows 7

    Even when I install Adobe Photoshop 5.0 , still file and Adobe folder can be installed and copied in program files. Such an old software still can write stuffs...
  6. How to copy file with Administrator's right

    Hello everybody ,

    When I write VB6 program , I need to copy files to C:\Windows. But always fail as I don't have Administrator's Right. I found a program on web but also fail :

    Option Explicit...
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    get current user location error

    Hi ,

    I write to get the current user name , and the result is :

    A> In line 15 , the result is "Raymond\Favorites" , where Raymond is the current user name which locate at Drive D:\

  8. Re: How to create [All Programs] in StartMenu

    Sir , I totally don't understand what you mean !!

    Would you mind to explain to me detaily , thanks a lot
  9. How to create [All Programs] in StartMenu

    hello Sir ,

    As you know Win8 doesn't have a StartMenu like Win7 or other OS before. So I use Visual Basic 6.0 to write a StartMenu myself. But unfortunately my Visual Basic knowledge is poor , I...
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