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    Re: Need some changes in macro

    I'm still not sure what condition you are talking about.

    After looking at your code again I can see that the way you are using split() is not good.
    Rather than using split() multiple times in the...
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    Re: Help with code

    Well if you allow more than 25 different characters you have a problem since every character in your output will be between 0 and 24.
    You would also get a duplicate as 0 and 25 would both come out...
  3. Re: Error 50003 > Common Controls > Compressed display

    This would not appear to have anything at all to do with VB 5 or 6.
    It is most likely your display resolution set for 4x3 on a wide screen display and then being stretched to fit the display. I had...
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    Re: Need some changes in macro

    You say you want to loop until the condition fails. What condition would that be?

    Right now you have two loops one looping on paragraphs and one looping on elements of an array.
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    Re: Need help in VB6 code

    Well for one thing there is no code there that shows anything related to decode.
    Secondly never use "not working" as a description for a problem as that can mean almost anything at all. Be...
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    Re: VB6 With Team Viewer

    You do know that unless you give us some specifics on the program and show some code there is not much anyone can do beyond telling you that teamviewer should have no effect whatsoever on a VB...
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    Re: Making a number pattern with a loop

    Well you did not tell us what kind of problem you are actually having.
    You also did not ask a question until the second post and that one is a simple yes or no.

    So yes someone can help you but...
  8. Re: Application has stopped working error - program randomly hangs

    Is it possible that it is getting into an endless loop?
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    Re: About a Friend

    Sad news, he will be missed.
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    Re: Download video on youtube with vb6 ?

    I can't even tell for sure what you are trying to ask here. It sounds like you are trying to do somethign that You Tube does not allow and if so then you should not be asking about it here.
  11. Re: New to VB, I need a better way to add Combo Boxes.

    Use a function that looks for the data in your data table and call it from the combobox click event, you can also add the other combo boxes to the handles clause so that all of them are handled by...
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    Re: editing 2 tables at once

    As I pointed out in your thread on your if statement is causing a problem, limiting the resulting update to a single record.

    That said an Update query is the best way to handle...
  13. Re: how to login by default user and password for windows

    Please don't post in text speak it is you not u and your not ur
  14. Re: how to write text file to remote computer

    Basically the answer is that unless you can map the drive then you can't write to it from a remote source.
    You can send data to a remote computer but that computer will need to have a receiver...
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    Re: Query from multiple tables-Error

    Which line gives the error?

    There is no reason to select all records from the tables and then requery. You should get rid of the first query and use open on the other one.

    As for the type...
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    Re: Data Report urgent help

    That generator is C#

    When generating barcodes there are a few things to consider. What type of barcode do you need, what kind of printer are you using.
    In many cases a font will do the job, in...
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    Re: i want help in This Code

    Tell us what the errors are and post the segement of code where the errors occur making sure to point out which line(s) the errors occur on and any other info that may be useful.
  18. Thread: 2d Array VB6

    by DataMiser

    Re: 2d Array VB6

    You could loop through your array and find which one matches the author

    For x =0 to 4
    If strBooks(x,1)=text1.text Then
  19. Re: Looking for VB6 component list and descriptions

    Have you tried searching?

    It is also on the VB6 install cds and should be installed on your computer. If you installed it as everyone should then you can access it simply by clicking on the help...
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    Re: checkbox adding to an integer

    Two of those lines do not appear to be valid

    If you want to get a total then you need to add something

    You also need to remove the lines that make the matrix=0 as that would reset the value of...
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    Re: newbie: Need help with Print Processor

    Please do not revive old threads. This one is 10 years old!

    Also do not post your email address in the public forum area
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    Re: checkbox adding to an integer

    It would help if you told us what you were coding in you mention VBA but that means you are probably coding in Excel or Access but could be using something else.

    It would also help if you showed...
  23. Re: Looking for VB6 component list and descriptions

    The MSDN library details all the stuff in VB6
  24. Re: Wrong Routine showing in Dropdown list when doing Find or Replace

    I still have no idea what you are talking about

    The drop down shows the routine SPQR
    The Code shows SPQR

    at the bottom of that sub is a call to errorlogger but it is inside the SPQR sub which...
  25. Re: Wrong Routine showing in Dropdown list when doing Find or Replace

    I have no idea what you are trying to say, The only thing I see wrong in that image is your use of On Error Goto. You should be using Try Catch instead
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