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    Re: Accessing Objects Between Forms

    you can create public properties to your forms, so that other forms can access it data or methods.
    you can also use delegates for your methods.
  2. Re: how to find and count specific word from txt file in C#

    Try to use Regex.
    Here is the sample

    static void Main(string[] args)
    StreamReader oReader;
    if (File.Exists(@"C:\TextFile.txt"))
  3. Re: How to get all user account info in C# (windows VISTA/7)??

    I thinks you should add using System.Management;
    and add reference System.Management to your project.
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    Re: Rounding or Modulus

    hello, i just give it a try. here's what i did.

    remainder = price - Math.Truncate(price);
    price = Math.Truncate(price) + (Math.Truncate(remainder / 0.25) * .25);

    hope that helps. =)
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