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  1. MDI: open document but don't show. Which is the right way ?


    I have a MDI-application where, on a special occasion, I'd like a document to be opened but don't want the application to show the document window.

  2. MDI list (window list) does not show sub items for child windows


    has anybody had already detected such problem (?):

    I have a MDI-Application and normally if you open several documents you can see the according items in the mdi list (menu "Window" which...
  3. Re: CListCtrl: Keeping mouse button pressed on scroll bar => no WMs come through

    Thank you very much,
    this was exactly I was looking for.

    Rating your answer: 100% (best possible)
  4. CListCtrl: Keeping mouse button pressed on scroll bar => no WMs come through


    I discovered a strange problem with CListrCtrl:
    I wrote an application which runs mulithreaded: The GUI-thread inserts log messages into a log window (CListCtrl) when it detects a window...
  5. Re: How to enforce the call of parent's class method first ?

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    The problem is that I already have a project where some interface are used in several places and because of a change which is neccessary there it would be fatal not...
  6. How to enforce the call of parent's class method first ?


    I wonder if it is possible to enforce the execution of the code of a method of a parent class before the code of the overriden method is executed.


    class CA
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    Re: CListCtrl limit 260 characters?

    Does this apply to your question ?

    MSDN - bug report
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    How to avoid void* pData here ?


    let's say we have classes which keep different kinds of data and moreover there are other classes which are responsible to write data (maybe to disk or something) and the data keeping...
  9. Visual Studio's integrated profiler (bug or feature?)


    I recently tried to use the profiler which is included in MS Visual Studio 6.0 C++ (Professional or Enterprise edition).

    I'd like to see which methods get called a lot and which of them...
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    What produces "Added by ClassView" ?

    I found several includes in my header files I haven't put there. Next to those includes there is a comment "// Added by ClassView".
    Does anybody know how it get there ?

    I use several plugins...
  11. Cannot break on when static variable changes or gets initialized

    I'd like to break the debugger when the value of a static variable changes or gets initialized.


    class CExample
    static BOOL m_isInitialized;
  12. Re: VERY strange side effect (sockets and window messages) !

    I guess you're right. I just had the hope that there could be any quick hint which makes me look for a specific issue in order to spot the error.
    Thank you for your help.

    I found out that moving...
  13. Re: VERY strange side effect (sockets and window messages) !

    To answer the question about which kind of sockets are used I need to look inside the corba sources (the library I use) because I didn't implement the mechanism myself.
    But that library is huge and...
  14. Re: VERY strange side effect (sockets and window messages) !

    The method which is waiting for the tcp ports to open runs in another thread (worker thread). The GUI is able to interact with the user while the other thread is waiting for the tcp ports to open...
  15. Re: VERY strange side effect (sockets and window messages) !

    Microsoft Windows 2000, SP 4

    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (c++), SP 6

    Don't know.
    Actually I haven't implemented the communication mechanism myself but I used...
  16. VERY strange side effect (sockets and window messages) !

    I noticed a very strange behaviour in my win32 mdi application which I cannot explain at all. Maybe there is someone who can imagine ?

    Ok, I have an application which starts two other...
  17. VS6 bug in class view (nested template), workaround ?

    Is there a way to make Visual Studio 6.0 to display a nested template class ?

    To see what I mean just write the following:

    class CFoo
    template <int a>
    class CBar
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    Treeview-like CEdit control

    I'm looking for a CEdit control or a CEditView which is capable of showing multiline text and enables to collapse/expand passages of text.
    As a reference, in MS Visual Studio .Net's IDE there...
  19. Saving COM-object references/pointers to arrays

    I'd like to save COM pointers to an array but I don't know much about COM and all I tried failed:

    First I tried to compile my code using CArray, my code looks like this:

    //the following...
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    Debugging, symbols and vc60.pdb

    I'd like to step into some source code which has only be linked to the project by a static library (mico239.lib).
    This library is part of the MICO (CORBA) libraries and has been compiled with...
  21. Need help to compile "Extended Debugging Utility Set"

    I tried to compile the Extended Debugging Utility Set described in this article:
    I also applied changes described in...
  22. Re: MSXML::IXMLDOMNode::GetchildNodes() always returns a Nodelist with length==0

    Ok, I found the answer myself:

    this one works...

    MSXML::IXMLDOMNodeList* resultList;
    hResult =
  23. MSXML::IXMLDOMNode::GetchildNodes() always returns a Nodelist with length==0

    I created an xml file by hand which has a root node and several child nodes like this

    <AnyRootNode anyAttribute="anyValue">
    <AnyChildNode anyChildAttribute="anotherValue"/>
  24. Smart pointers, Counted Pointers, ... , Composit Pattern

    I'd like to use something more secure than handling "naked" pointers directly to avoid problems like getting memory leaks...
    I've tried to write a little example which uses a class named...
  25. Re: Reference Counters, Pointers, Abstract Classes, Memory Leaks

    Oh thank you...
    Why didn't see it myself ? :blush:

    Thank you for your help.
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