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    Re: Unicode characters in VC++

    Those errors give you the answer. The answer is: you are not able to set unicode text via that class method, because conversion to std::string implicitly occurs, and std::string is able to deal with...
  2. Re: how to register an exe file in windows startup service routine

    Then you should start wanting to create an exe able to run service mode. Regular exe is not able to do that. :)

    You start here with understanding Windows Service basics: About Services
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    Re: Unicode characters in VC++

    This is not how unicode symbol is put down to string literal. Unicode literal must be L"<here your text goes>".
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    Re: Bytes of Image in C++

    What way (or tool with) did you get that string? Byte representation typically looks like 0xFF 0xD8 0xFF 0xE0...

    That is, most probably, because something differs in the ways you read (or...
  5. Re: How to insert and read image from database (sql server) using MFC ?

    Any image is just a number of bytes from database standpoint. So, to store images, your database column must be of some binary type, the size enough to store any possible image size.

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    Re: Dialog Window Property Question?

    As already been said, the question was about understanding the best way to help you. Now, consider this your question:

    There is no such a thing like "CWnd* type handle". And dialog window handle...
  7. Re: {win32] - how make the context menu corresponding to messages?

    Confused about what? Clicking menu item results in sending WM_COMMAND with the item ID. Same to clicking button or toolbar button. This is the most elementary basics of Windows programming.
  8. Re: A question regarding creating a window

    You should revise your approach and stop thinking about executing some code after message pump loop. Instead, you should focus on other possibilities. GUI programming really differs from what you...
  9. Re: A question regarding creating a window

    Unlike to modal dialog, modeless dialog will be shown only in case your dialog template includes WS_VISIBLE style, or otherwise the dialog was forced to show up with ShowWindow()

    Creating Modeless...
  10. Re: MFC Proper usage of sending message to dialog to activate

    Nope. Windows design allows sending messages across threads alright. You have to do that with caution of course, but you can SendMessage from a thread other than the one the window was created in....
  11. Re: MFC Proper usage of sending message to dialog to activate

    Just be accustomed to deal directly with MSDN. :)


    Typically, at the article's bottom you find some reference links letting you go deeper into the case:


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    Re: Win 16-bit API development.

    Win32 API inherits to Win16, and therfore includes certain Win16 function prototypes. I.e. natively supports prototypes, but not implementation. That was made to ease porting Win16 apps back in...
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    Re: Removing title bar from external app

    It definitely depends on the app you fumble with. What looks to you like titlebar may be a self-painted region which appearance is controlled by the app itself but not window style. :) As others...
  14. Re: [C\C++ 11 - win32] - how getting the menu handle and menu item position?

    You definitely need to gain some skills in debugging. Get some reading on the techniques. Go through documentation, your IDE or third party debugger.

    The oldest known approach is logging values...
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    Re: Convert DDX_Control(mfc) to WinAPI

    DDX_Control does nothing special except subclassing dialog's control inside WM_INITDIALOG message handler.
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    Re: Get the stdout of a console process

    Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output
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    Re: WinAPI timer vs thread?

    Both times it results in window procedure direct calling. The difference is that when calling from worker thread, the caller thread gets blocked, the context is switched to UI thread, the window...
  18. Re: What are CRT file descriptors in Windows?

    Your understanding is correct. POSIX layer really exists in Windows, and the reason for introducing it was the intention of providing POSIX API for the sake of compatibility and easy porting from...
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    Re: WinAPI timer vs thread?

    You must be cautious when doing with SendMessage having possible deadlocks in mind (not in the case you showed), but in case you are, there would be no problem except one point: your GUI logic is...
  20. Re: How to use Visual Studio 2010 to compile dos programs?

    ... which is MS Visual Studio 1.x (1.5 was the last from the family, a.f.a.i.r).
  21. Re: Console Ctrl Event handler

    The method still remains to be a class member, so compiler reasonably complains there's no global :: DefaultConsoleHandler exists.

  22. Re: Writing to a named pipe coming from a service (session 0) without admin rights

    Your service application may create the proper pipe with explicit all-access security descriptor.

    psd =...
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    Re: Creating Process

    Did it ever occur to you how much vague and ambiguous this sounds? Do you mean there should be some third process spawning the other two? Should those processes be running different executables or...
  24. Re: Passing NULL to FindResource() might not work?

    If so, this would mean somebody fail to read or understand MSDN article, as the article is 100% clear about this particular situation. Not 99% or something, but 100%. :)
  25. Re: Passing NULL to FindResource() might not work?

    Unfortunately with all this you remain were you were: no confidence in MSDN, and no real technical information from experts regarding supposed failures, like Windows version, resource type, module...
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