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    Re: Hello Everybody

    Hey Matt. Welcome! :)
  2. Replies

    Re: Nested For Loops in Visual Basic

    mike123, please use code tags when posting code in future
  3. Re: PostMessage Button Click without mouse pointer (VB.Net)

    This may help :
  4. Re: I created a software in visual basic and want to give the option to change the fo

    This might help :
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    Re: Star Poll Results

    To be honest, I have never seen Starwars...
  6. Re: Send ADB Commands to mobile from application


    Anyway, in order to write apps for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone et. al. you need some sort of SDK. I say some sort of because there are so many to choose from. You get packages such...
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    Re: Speed up printing proccess!

    What type of printer are you working on?
    Could you please supply the code ( that you have used to make your pages smaller or bigger ) as well
  8. Re: Send ADB Commands to mobile from application

    Do you mean Adnroid Debug Bridge commands? You need toi explain a bit more please
  9. Re: System.IndexOutOfRangeException error.

    Set breakpoints and step through your code. By doing this it should give you some sort of a clue of where your error may be.
  10. Re: How to prevent resolution changes from destroying graphics on winform

    You unfortunately need to cater for the potential screen resolution you want. It is kind of bad practice, but sometimes, as this seems to be the case, it is necessary. This article might give you...
  11. Re: How to call SQLTables()/SQLColumns()?

    You must make use of the sys databases to get any information on whichever database(s). Here is a nice link:
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    Re: The Boring Thread

    is this thread still going? wow :)
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    Re: How to put Focus on email field?

    This is exactly why your variable names must not be the same as object names. It causes confusion not only to you, but to the other members on the team. A Name such as strEmail is more suited as a...
  14. Re: How to crop and resize image using and SQL Server

    For image ma nipulation, these articles will be helpful:

    Creating Your Own Drawing Application with Visual Basic .NET, Part 1...
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    Re: how to customize button

    Need much more info than a whole bunch of code and we do not know what to look for. Please be exact when asking questions. Also, have a look here to learn how to use Code tags:
  16. Re: How to get rid of "Not Responding" (App Freezing) while copying a large size of d

    This article:

    Will help you copy large files without problems.
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    Re: Ask SQL sintax in vb6

    Welcome to the forums!

    You could simply concatenate the SQL string with your TExtbox's text, for example:

    Dim strQuery As String
    strQuery = "SELECT...
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    Re: Treeview and listbox query

    In order to obtain the selected node you could do something in the lines of :

    IF tv.Nodes.Item(3).Selected THEN

    To enable/disable any object you should make use of the .Enabled property of...
  19. Re: Asked about splitContainer of Visual Studio

    Then you will need to create a custom control that can do this. Browse MSDN for examples on how to create custom controls.
  20. Re: '2008' is not a valid warning number

    Good thinking
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    Re: shortest job first

    Huh? Could you please explain what you need precisely?
  22. Re: Asked about splitContainer of Visual Studio

    Have you tried changing the 'BackColor' property?
  23. Re: '2008' is not a valid warning number

    First ever time I see this error...

    A suggestion would be to disable warnings - I know, I know, I know it is probably not the proper way, but seeing the fact that this is a warning, it should...
  24. Re: problem with array of progress bars

    Hi. I suggest that you have to inlcude some sort of Index property inside your component, else it will keep referring to the last object on the memory stack.

    Have a look here for a nice example of...
  25. Re: Adding a record to an SQL database error 'no mapping exists"

    Hey sotoasty! :wave:

    Richard, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that you are making use of an SQL Stored procedure?

    Shouldn't your CommandType be CommandType.StoredProcedure like :

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