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    Re: Goldbach conjecture program

    Thank you for the help. I was expecting it to be a bit less complex but I am able to make sense of it. Some minor adjustments and it will be fine. And the link to Project Euler is great, an...
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    Goldbach conjecture program

    Hi, I'm still in the process of learning C-Sharp (from free internet tutorials) and I'd like to practice my skills by creating a program which recreates Goldbach's conjecture.
    I know the direction I...
  3. Re: Highlighting Problem in MS Visual C# 2010 Express

    That works.
    Thank you!
  4. Highlighting Problem in MS Visual C# 2010 Express

    Hi people.
    I have only recently started learning C-Sharp at home and am facing a really simple problem with the software I am using.
    When trying to edit an already written line of code, it gives a...
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