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  1. PHP Re: Display “Complete” div when reaches a line or a variable in PHP/HTML code

    If your query times out either (1) your query string is bloated causing overwork, (2) you have a very bad database structure, or (3) you are working with databases way too large for your server...
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    Re: Crystal Report - Java Viewer

    Welcome to the forums Sukla. :wave:

    Please remember to keep your posts relevant. This thread is 12 years old!
  3. PHP Re: Need help in refreshing a page periodically for a slow-loading results page

    You need to separate those two scripts. Can't be the same. Set one to run as a cron job and keep the other script to process user submitted input.
  4. PHP Re: pagination doesn't handle special characters

    Sounds like you have magic quotes turned on in your PHP config. Basically, posted forms need to escape out apostrophes in case of SQL injection into databases. Magic quotes handles it automatically...
  5. PHP Re: possibilities of upload files by sending it in email.

    You need to install an SMTP server and set the PHP configuration to recognize the SMTP server.
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    Other Re: HTML5 and CSS

    Every content management site deals with .htaccess. Since it works fine when the only difference is a renamed folder, that is what would make me think that .htaccess is causing file redirection.
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    Other Re: HTML5 and CSS

    Any chance you are messing with .htaccess causing incorrect directory listing for referenced files?
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    Other Re: HTML5 and CSS

    The debugger tells you exactly what's wrong. You're calling upon the variable parts when it is not yet initialized. I'm guessing you're trying to split it into an array but in this case, the...
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    PHP Re: MYSQL table row styling

    Here's an example of how much cleaner/simpler/efficient your code could be...

    <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="1" border="0">
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    PHP Re: MYSQL table row styling

    First off, you should use echo as little as possible. Just echo your actual variables. That will make your code much cleaner.

    Second, what kind of styling are you trying to achieve? It's just...
  11. JavaScript Re: Detecting mobile/tablet users with huge resolutions?

    What you need is to check for the device's pixel ratio.
  12. PHP Re: How to calculate coordinate & device distance between 2 coordinate

    Since Google does not have a PHP API for their maps service, how are you doing this?
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    CSS Re: Need help with CSS

    Seeing as how it is looped PHP reading of a database, your problem is somewhere in there...not the code you provided.
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    JavaScript Re: styled combo for IE 5

    Due to the sheer old age of IE5, I don't believe you will find anyone with resources/help for you. Sorry.
  15. PHP Re: .htaccess and mediawiki not working... Help

    In a forum that gets less than 5 posts a month, it's not uncommon to not receive a reply right away. Patience is a virtue! ;)

    Unless I'm misunderstanding something, this should do the trick for...
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    JavaScript Re: Javascript hidden?

    There is no extra JavaScript to which it is referencing. document is a simple reference to the DOM. search refers to a form with the name "search". And submit() is a built-in method of any <form> tag.
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    PHP Re: MySQL table rows colors

    Since you're using a foreach loop, just calculate the last $cell and then compare the string output of WIN or LOSE.

    foreach($row as $k => $cell) {
    $bg = '#ffffff';
    if ($k == count($row) -...
  18. PHP Re: [Fix] Remove preview a image before it upload ?

    Learn patience. You didn't even wait 8 hours for a reply.

    Your project is referencing jQuery, yet you have no library selected. If you're going to make jQuery calls, then you have to select the...
  19. PHP Re: Issue connecting PHP server class to local socket

    Nothing wrong with the code. Did you modify ufw to allow connections via port 36954?
  20. JavaScript Re: How to redirect a request to a random URL

    Like I said, you will have to use server-side storage to update the array deleting the already used URLs.
  21. JavaScript Re: How to redirect a request to a random URL

    Via just JavaScript alone you won't have persistent data storage so remembering to never visit that URL again will be a problem for you. If you want to control that data instead of just the client,...
  22. Perl Re: Problem with Installing Perl SOAP::Lite module in Windows

    bestellen, while partially correct, your instructions are for Unix, Linux based systems. The OP is asking for Windows.

    Zulfi, have you followed the instructions (Windows section) listed directly...
  23. JavaScript Re: How to replace a specific string present in HTML tags?

    Yes, of course almost any regular expression has exceptions. But the example given was pretty basic. Since the OP said between tags, I'm guessing he didn't expect to have them inside the tags in the...
  24. JavaScript Re: How to replace a specific string present in HTML tags?

    A simple regular expression will do it. In what language are you wanting to do it?
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    PHP Re: Saving video stream in chunks

    You could try using PHP with the Zend_Media_Asf Class.
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