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  1. Hello , Thanks to all of you for...

    Hello ,

    Thanks to all of you for suggestions . I tried all of them , even
    unisnstalling and reinstalling . But the error still persisted .

    Generating Code...
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    finding if a process is running or not

    Hi all,

    In my MFC Aplication I have started a new process using
    "Create Process" function . The process starts up and runs ,
    but how do I determine if that process is still running ?

  3. How to correct "Internal Compiler Error"

    Hello all,

    My MFC Application compiles and runs fine on WIN2k , but doesn't get built on WinXP . "INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR" message is generated . Any help , how to deal with it and
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    method to get IP address of the host

    hi all,

    I am new to VC++ programming . Is there any way to get
    information about the localhost (i.e.,its IP address , hostname) ?
    In general , how network related issues are handled in VC++?...
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