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  1. Thread: Help please!

    by S_John

    Re: Help please!


    Nobody wants to read through all of the code to solve a list of vague questions. If you could ask for HELP in learning about one of the issues I'm sure that one of these fine Gurus would...
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    Re: VB.NET--DataGridView Columns

    Thank you Mur16. Apparently I've been an air-head all day. I had pre-defined columns setup in design-view. Problem solved.
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    [RESOLVED] VB.NET--DataGridView Columns

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a project with a DataGridView that is filled using a SQL connection. Is there a way to modify (code-behind) the number/names of columns in the DataGridView based upon...
  4. Re: Visual basic table fill from mysql database help!

    This sounds strange. Why are you creating a button for each table? And do you have any code yet?
  5. Re: [RESOLVED] [MSSQL Server 2005] Help with Query

    I was able to make a few changes on the application level to force a similar query to work

    --Reference Part List Data Table
    Select * FROM BoM.dbo.Part, BoM.dbo.Part_Type, BoM.dbo.Part_Subtype,...
  6. [RESOLVED] [MSSQL Server 2005] Help with Query

    30527I am having difficulty creating a nested query for my VB.NET application.
    --Attached is my Database Design for reference (ignore cruddy table names).

    My main focus is on the Part and...
  7. [VB.NET 2010] List Population from a DataSet/DataTable

    I had this program working a while ago and I came back to it and am having some issues. I am able to Populate a List from a DataSet well enough but for some reason my initial List persists through...
  8. [RESOLVED] [VS 2010 .NET] Populating a DataSet with Multiple Tables

    Hi all,

    I am trying to populate a data set with multiple sql tables. I understand that I need to do this with multiple sqlcommands but how do I break up an SQL Statement into seperate commands?
  9. Re: [RESOLVED] [VS 2010 .NET] Add Sorting & Grouping to Listview

    Thank you, that's good to know. But I have decided to go a different route (no listview) to get the product my boss wants.

  10. Re: [VS 2010 .NET] Add Sorting & Grouping to Listview

    I will have to find a workaround. I fear that creating my own control will be a waste of time for me as I would be learning as I go.
    Thank you for your help dglienna.
  11. Re: [VS 2010 .NET] Add Sorting & Grouping to Listview

    Listviews do have grouping and I have found samples that group by using IComparer class but never for databound items. The databinding is unavoidable and I don't know what other control I would be...
  12. [RESOLVED] [VS 2010 .NET] Add Sorting & Grouping to Listview

    I am having difficulties finding relevant information regarding listview sorting and grouping. The following picture shows the listview I am trying to sort/group.

    I am attempting to group...
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    Combobox Event Handlers

    I have a combobox and a txtbox. Both are databound. Choosing a value in the combobox initiates the txtbox fill. Right now my event handle for this event is "onclick" but I would like to change the...
  14. Re: (VS2010) Multi-Field Mathematical SQL Query

    Here is what I have for the function so far:

    Public Function GetPrice(ByVal Part_Number As String) As Double
    Using udtConn As New SqlConnection(sBoMConnectionString)...
  15. [RESOLVED] (VS2010) Multi-Field Mathematical SQL Query

    While I do know how to create a mathematical SQL query I am having difficulties with creating a statement involving multiple rows, each row chose by one or more attributes selected in the GUI of my...
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    Re: [VS2010] Excel Worksheet Issues

    Dear Hannes,

    I would like a clone of you to be peering over my shoulder so that you could smack me in the back of the head every time I make a stupid mistake.

    I was releasing the objects...
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    Re: [VS2010] Excel Worksheet Issues


    This is the error I receive when I try to run the code line above:
    "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used."
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    Re: [VS2010] Excel Worksheet Issues

    I figured this one out by fooling around with my application some more. --Palm to forehead--
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    [RESOLVED] [VS2010] Excel Worksheet Issues

    Hey guys,

    So I've a program that is exporting an excel document. I have two different issues with this:
    1. I need to add a worksheet
    2. I need to delete the default worksheets (I...
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    Re: [VS201] Formatting Excel Export

    I got it to work! Now I just need to clean it up. Thank you!

    #Region "Exports to Excel"
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Exports to excel
    ''' </summary>
    ''' <param name="sender"></param>...
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    Re: [VS201] Formatting Excel Export

    Sorry about that I have been moving code around trying to fix the situation and I sent the code without this:

    oSheet.Cells(PartSections.PartNumber).Value = "Part Number"
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    [RESOLVED] [VS201] Formatting Excel Export

    I am having difficulties trying to format my excel export. The header (Motor Parts) is displayed correctly but the column headers are displaying above the motor Parts header. I think it is an issue...
  23. Re: [VB.NET-VS2010] Limit the number of digits in a NumericUpDown

    That's very interesting. I guess I never really took the time to play around with NumericUpDowns before this week. I guess I will leave it as is.

    Thanks for the article Hannes!
  24. Re: [VB.NET-VS2010] Limit the number of digits in a NumericUpDown

    I posted the wrong code. That code was to check if the message box was working before I found out about the Enter key initiating the msgbox. I did have spnMiscQty.Value > 100 before that.

    I do...
  25. [RESOLVED] [VB.NET-VS2010] Limit the number of digits in a NumericUpDown

    I have a numericupdown with a minimum set at 0 and a maximum at 100. However, at run-time a user may input an infinite number by skipping the arrows and inputting numbers with keys. I have tried to...
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