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  1. Re: what's the difference between and ajax?

    found many examples for from google, thanks

  2. Re: what's the difference between and ajax?

    thanks. simply put, ajax is more efficient than asp .net, am I right?

    do you mean I can use to create ajax pages? I read a book which uses javascript+php. I do not know php,...
  3. what's the difference between and ajax?


    I'm new at ajax. got a book and started to read it. one question come to my mind: what's the difference between asp .net and ajax? it seems asp .net can do most work that ajax can do, and...
  4. draw chart on a picture control in dialog form?

    I have a picture control in a dialog form and I use
    CWnd *pWnd = (CWnd*)GetDlgItem(IDC_GRAPH_FRAME);
    CDC *pDC = pWnd->GetDC ();

    to get pDC and use it draw some lines on the picture. However, it...
  5. how to get pixel values from IPictureDisp interface?

    I'm working on a DLL which input and output are an IPictureDisp interface. I need do some algorithm on it. The question is: how can I get the pixel values from this interface?

  6. Re: URGENT! Searching text file for specific text

    you should use RegEx class
  7. VB .NET VS. C# .NET, which one is fast?

    Considering running speed, VB .NET VS. C# .NET, which one is fast? Some guys told me that bascially they are the same, is that true? In my program, it needs lots of computation. I tested VB.NET and...
  8. Replies

    Can windows service have a UI?

    I'm trying to program a windows service. The problem I have is: users may need change some options of the service. If windows service does not have a UI, how users can do that?

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