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  1. Get the dataRow where the cursor is located in a sorted table

    I need to get the dataRow of the current cursor location. The following code works just fine:

    dRow = aisc_dbDataSet.Tables["W"].Rows[wDataGridView.CurrentRow.Index];

    The problem arises when the...
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    Create PDF of a document

    I have a printDocument object that creates a document using GDI for printing. It works fine and I can print it out and I can print preview it. Now I want to create a PDF with this document. This is...
  3. Re: How to copy one element of a Generic Collection?

    Thank you. Good answer. At the end there's an extra paranthesis, but the solution works fine.
  4. How to copy one element of a Generic Collection?

    I need to copy one element of a generic collection and add it to the list. Something similar to this:

    private List<CalculationResult> cantileverResults = new List<CalculationResult>();...
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