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    ternary search algorithm

    any1 no how we can improve a ternary search algorithm?

    ternary(V, s, e)
    if s > e
    return -1
    m1 ← (e-s)/3 + s
    m2 ← 2*(e-s)/3 + s
    if V = A[ m1 ]
    return m1
  2. java application connecting to a server

    I don't know how or where to start so ill present you with a scenario and hopefully youll tell me how i can do this using java.
    i start my java application. the application manages pictures. lets...
  3. compatibility of mobile applicaitons in c#

    Hello, id like to write my first mobile application in c#. But I don't know which phones it'll work on. Nokia, SE, Motorolla, iPhone, Blackberry, and Samsung.
    I know I know, usually id write my...
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    ajax pc mobile

    Hello, my name is Leo and I need to know if i can use ajax to do the following

    i connect my mobile to my computer. i launch an app on my computer. i enter my login info. i click connect and i see...
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