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  1. Re: DeSearialize - class has moved from assamby A to assambly B

    I cant change to xmlFormater because I have already serialized things. I try to explain it in another way:

    * I serialized Class "StayedClass" whitch has a member called "Moved" which is of the...
  2. Deserialize - class has moved from assamby A to assambly B

    For various reasons I moved a class (MovedClass) from assamblyA to assamblyB and also changed the namespace it was in. Everything else stayed the same.

    But now I have a problem reading the Data I...
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    Re: static const & literal

    Is there any solution to this without have to write the string twice in the Code?
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    static const & literal

    Hi...I have a question concerning const/literal-functions and members

    struct StyleConstants
    static const CString TestConst="UniqueStringWhichShouldBeOnlyWrittenOnceInTheCode";
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