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    Re: Linear search using recursive function

    Also I suggest that you do a bit more research on recursion. The more you study about it, the more you understand how easy it is ( equivalent to writing a simple formula ). The reason I'm saying this...
  2. Re: [NOOB QUESTION] Really large numbers in C++

    Apart from all the rest mentioned end the program you could use getch() function.

    P.S. You will have to include the conio.h header file.

    Hope I could help...:)
  3. Re: "Invalid conversion from int to *int"

    A pointer can only store the address of the partilcular variable location.
    It cannot store the content.

    Hope i could help...:)
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    Re: Return int

    Actually casting is done by adding the data type in paranthesis before the variable you want to type cast such as (float)var.

    What you are doing (15.0f/2) is again a float but according to the...
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    Re: Loop Trouble with For Loop

    Also, you might consider using the lines :

    if(option <= 10 && option >= 1)
    cout<<"The score is "<<judge<<endl;
    cout<<"Invalid Entry.";
    instead of the entire switch...
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