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    Re: can someone help me?

    Looking at it in the right direction.
    Couple of things to look out for.

    1. The 2 arrays are of 20 in length each. Each array can store 20 digits.
    2. 3rd array 21 in length. Sum can add up and...
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    Re: can someone help me?

    so what is the problem that you are facing?
    This is fairly simple and straightforward, given that the solution is already laid out for you - arrays.

    Do you have any code to show for your efforts...
  3. switching career - application development to problem solving

    I am an experienced developer working on microsoft technologies (dot net and application development). I have been pondering the idea of switching careers since the work we get back here is usually...
  4. Import C/C++ function into C# - marshalling

    I have some C code which will be called from C# using P/Invoke. I am trying to define an C# equivalent for this C function.

    SomeData* DoSomething();

    struct SomeData
  5. unsigned char array pointer to C# equivalent - marshalling

    I have some C code which will be called from C# using P/Invoke. I have a C struct member for which I am trying to define an C# equivalent.

    Array16 *data;

    typedef unsigned char Array16[16];
  6. WCF service - initialization service parameter issue

    I am new to WCF. I am currently trying to create a WCF service and then host it from a commandLine application. During hosting of the service, I am trying to initialize the service with an instance...
  7. Read Extremely large file efficiently in C#. Currently using StreamReader

    I have a Json file that is sized 50GB and beyond. Following is what I have written to read a very small chunk of the Json. I now need to modify this to read the large file.

    internal static...
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    Re: Sort Huge files

    Thanks for the link & info

    I have some reading to do now... :o
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    Sort Huge files

    I am trying to understand what techiques can be used to sort really huge files (larger than available memory). I did some googling and came across one technique.

    1. Are there any better ways to...
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