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    Re: Listview issue

    [ moved thread ]
  2. Re: WebBrowser.Document.GetElementByID() problem

    HAve a look into the following:


    You may also want to have a look at my two articles - Yes, I know that they are in VB,...
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    Re: SQL Server
  4. Re: Help with screen resolution independence

    Docking and Anchoring should work 97% of the time. It all depends on how your settings are. There are more complicated ways - which in My opinion would be a bit of an overkill. Obviously I do not...
  5. Re: ContextMenu on highlighted text on search button in VB 2010

    [ moved thread ]
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    Enabling CORS on a WCF Service

    Hi guys.

    I am really at my wits end, and I am going crazy because I am not getting much help ( by searching google etc. )

    The situation:

    I simply do not know how to enable CORS...
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    C# to VB converter

    Hi Guys.

    Quick question...

    In the past I used to use the converter here:

    to convert from C# to VB and vice versa.

    Lately it...
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    Re: Silly Error - Single Form

    It will also help if you explain what you want to achieve with your project. In the correct context, we can point you in the correct direction...
  9. Re: Facebook messages VB 2008 PLEASE HELP!

    You will need to make use of the Facebook SDK. Here are a couple of articles I wrote on the topic :

    Developing an application for facebook...
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    Re: VB6 Listview Squished Icons

    Need a bit more info please. It seems as if you are using custom 'skins' on your controls, which might be one of the causes
  11. Re: Couldn't load Visual Basic 6 solution

    Or do a repair installation of VB 6
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    Re: Windows 10

    I am removing this thread as it is just not really informative to all the members
  13. Re: Using Multithread Ping Requests to Ping Hosts from an Array

    It means that you are trying to store or access an array item which is not in the list, or the list is too small to host another entry into the array
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    Re: Debugger Issue

    How do you mean stop the currently running code? A breakpoints function is to allow the debugger to stop currently running code so you can investigate where a potential problem might lie.
  15. Re: How to find a word in pdf document and link it to a file in your hard drive.

    This will give you a good start:

    Manipulating PDF files with iTextSharp and VB.NET 2012
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    Re: Excel call .xla file

    You can simply Open the file via the Open function :


    You could maybe also try :

    xlApp.Run ("EntFunc2.xla!ShowForm") 'Use your Subs and Methods...
  17. Re: scroll event not firing in listbox when using mouse wheel
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    Re: LocalDB deploy issue

    You're going to have to have permission to make changes to the file / folder structure, as DM mentioned. Not sure if you can do it programmatically. Even if you could, I'd advise against it.
  19. Re: 2010 edit on looking for valid directory path

    You cannot have an IF function inside a config file, as it is merely XML. You will have to read the path from your config file, check if the path is valid ( from your form ) based on that, display...
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    Re: Help Needed with VB Code

    Sorry I lost you...

    If the data is being pulled incorrectly, isn't there a problem with your physical SQL query? Could you please provide more information?
  21. Re: bindingsource.endedit fails first time it is called, succeeds otherwise

    I would guess that it might be due to how the object has been initialized; or perhaps even a scoping issue
  22. Re: Database implementation: having trouble with castException for this function

    InvalidCastException usually refers to a conversion that cannot be made. So somewhere in either your DB or your function you have incompatible types, or trying to convert something into a wrong type....
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    Re: How to deploy a project with SQL?

    I don't think you should include the db in your setup, remember, it can be huge. I would suggest you deploy the CREATE TABLE queries at least
  24. Re: Dynamic Variable List, How? Ex: TaskMan

    Thanks for sharing the answer!

    Please mark your thread resolved if it has a solution
  25. Re: Meaning of x:Key and x: Name NEED HELP!!!

    Yes, in that context it is.
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