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  1. Re: Problem Printing 5.5 inch page on OkiData Dot Matrix Printer


    As I've tried to explain since the start of the thread, it is NOT resolved. Not only did the two constants



  2. Re: Problem Printing 5.5 inch page on OkiData Dot Matrix Printer

    Thx for all of that information. Whoa!

    I did try both



  3. Problem Printing 5.5 inch page on OkiData Dot Matrix Printer

    Hey Everybody,

    I'm having big-time trouble getting my Okidata ML320 Turbo, Dot Matrix printer, to print 5.5" by 11" sheets for tickets from my loadout software. We are using tractor feed, and the...
  4. Assembler instead of Visual Basic 6.0?

    I have a load cell digitizer streaming data to my CPU's RS-232 port at 9600 baud.

    Lately, I've had some wierd problems opening and closing the ports using the MSComm control and Visual Basic 6.0....
  5. Re: Display VB app on a website?

    Wow, it works great! Thanks very much! One question probably my last:

    Your code segment on the client side

    Private Sub cmdConnect_Click()
    Winsock.RemoteHost = ""
    ' this is the...
  6. Re: Display VB app on a website?

    I am just beginning to learn the power of Winsock. So, are you saying I could just have a clone version of the app on the client machine with a winsock control, and as long as I know the IP addresses...
  7. Re: Display VB app on a website?

    My GUI is on the host machine displays tempertures, pressures, and levels for 24 large tanks. The host machine is connected to a PLC. The GUI actually updates the temp labels, etc., based on a DDE...
  8. [RESOLVED] Display VB app on a website?

    I have an app that monitors tank levels, pressures, etc, at a factory. The owner has several factories and would like to see the screen display from headquarters in the next state.

    I know close...
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    Re: MSComm_OnComm Event

    This may or may not help, but I hope it does. I just want to introduce an algorithm that helped me in a recent, similar situation.

    You said that the returned data packets are of different sizes....
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    Control Balance Slider on Volume Control

    I have been usng the Beep API,

    Declare Function Beep& Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwFreq As Long, ByVal dwDuration As Long),

    to alert a plant manager that a current value has crossed the safety...
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    Global Timer Class with Events?

    I am new to COM programming. Is it possible to construct a timer that can used globally, instead of just one form?

    I have an app at factory which is reading in temperatures, tach rates, etc.

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    Re: sending and reciving signals via rs232....

    For a great intro to VB 6.0 in this type of setting, I HIGHLY recommend the book, "Automating Science and Engineering Laboratories with Visual Basic". It will get you up and running with the...
  13. Send a text file to a remote Computer with fax card w/o Internet

    Hi Gurus,

    I have a CPU at a factory which is receiving and recording sensor data from a nearby microcontroller. The application parses the data and displays various temperatures, motor...
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    Re: sending and reciving signals via rs232....

    You should use the MSComm control. You can send commands out the serial port . Add an MSComm control to your form and put this code in your form load event. Make sur e you have a the proper DB-9...
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    Print 1/3 of a page w/Dot Matrix printer

    Hi All!

    I have written many apps which print forms, textboxes,etc., but his latest app has me bouncing off the walls. I have an automated ticket generator for a truck scale. Imagine this: ...
  16. Newbie needs to Export from VB app to FoxPro


    I have an application that performs some process automation as well as saves/displays customer info to/from text files the app creates.

    A customer is interested in directly linking the...
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    Linux or Windows for Data Polling

    Hi all!!!

    My little company does a lot of data acquisition for processing facilities. We use VB 6.0, Automation direct PLCs, and mostly Windows XP dedicated servers.

    My question is quite...
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    Bogus MsComm Port Problem

    I have been successfully developing an app to read in an ASCII stream from a digital scale. We soldered the RS-232 concections and have been reading data from this scale for a month already.

  19. Detect RS-232 signal cutoff (without ONCOMM event)

    Hey gurus,

    I am creating an app that reads in ASCII characters from a digital scale, such as weight, gross/net, etc.

    I have successfully formatted and displayed all of the information stream...
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    Re: PARTIAL success with large MsChart

    Thank you again, you are very nice. I've noticed that you've answered a lot of peoples' questions,

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    Re: PARTIAL success with large MsChart

    have you considered using the Office web components charting tool... it works quite nicely for large amounts of data.

    I 've never heard of it 'til now. But when I tried to to right click on...
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    PARTIAL success with large MsChart

    If anyone has time I would be very grateful for help on a minor glitch in one of my applications

    I read some data from a .dat file. Four fields(miltary time and three temperatures) by 1440...
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    Re: MaxLength Property of Textboxes

    Thank you very much. I guess I will just try three textboxes and a case select construct to fill them sequentially. I appreciate your help very much

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    MaxLength Property of Textboxes

    Hi all,

    If anyone can please help, I am using a EOF() loop to read in a .dat
    file with 1441 records and 105 characters per line for a total of
    151305 characters.

    I am trying to display them...
  25. Re: extract 2/8 fields from space-delim .dat

    Hey Thanks,
    That was really helpful. That was nice of you
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