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    My review of Stock Icon collections

    I recently spent a good deal of time looking for icons for my software, and had to look through tons and tons of images that were okay, but just not "professional". After all my work, I decided to...
  2. [RESOLVED] Event Handler Wizard desperately needs redesign

    This applies to both VS 2003 and VS 2005 (e.g. for adding a new ID to a menu in an MFC project and handling that ID in the MFC CDocument).

    ***PLEASE*** redesign the Event Handler Wizard. Although...
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    Tab control + radio drawing bug in MFC

    I'd like to bring attention to the drawing bug when static and radio controls are placed on a tab in a "XP themed" MFC application.

    A good description of the bug can be found in this article:
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    Re: Gallery

    I miss the Gallery too. What are the "best practices" for sharing MFC dialogs (with the C++ class) right now?
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