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  1. windbg Windows 7 64-Bit / Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

    Can somebody weigh in here and tell me if they have experienced this?

    Also please tell me what exactly they experience with VS2010 Ultimate
    and Windbg.

    I have a laptop I am supposed to be...
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    Yep. He is religious and said they were a tool of the devil.
    He also went on to complain about a lot of misuse and abuse
    leading to strange crashes after code with many pointers
    was edited by...
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    Re: Abstraction concept problem?

    I met a man who said pointers were evil and did everything he could to avoid them. I don't go that far, but I think you should only use a pointer where it is really necessary.

    It is cumbersome...
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    Re: Is C# good for real-time applications?

    Everything OReubens says is absolutely correct, however you could use C# to write a part of the system that is not time critical, like just a UI for the realtime system as a whole. It would just...
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    Re: Implementig a hot-reload system

    Looks like both badly missed the point. If the XML doesn't change, but the logic does, then you might want a hot reload. Perhaps you could create an interpreted logic section in another XML file...
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    Re: User-defined message integer

    John, you want to use either WM_USER + n (where n is different for each user defined message) or WM_COMMAND to post messages from a thread to a Window.
  7. Re: TCP socket problem - IP:Port already in use.

    I suppose you could publish your server port in the ftp directory and clients could download a file that describes the port.
  8. Re: TCP socket problem - IP:Port already in use.

    So why not just use a different port if your configuration already uses 3000. Either that or find a way to change the port of TeamViewer. There must be a configuration method.
  9. Re: does a function know how much memory its parameters occupy?

    Note: In this case, It is possible to increase your stacksize in your project, not that you should really ever have to. The example was pretty static.
  10. Re: How Can I move MDI child window out of the frame window

    Maybe it was called "The Boring Thread"?
  11. Re: How Can I move MDI child window out of the frame window

    What is the longest thread at CG ever? I remember one that was silly and went on and on, and people were happy about it.
    It was a joke thread.:cool:
  12. Re: Starting my C# Journey looking for some advice

    Personally, PHP is still a viable programming language, and powerful too. C# is great, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't "move on" from PHP. Don't listen to the haters, they are always there to...
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    Re: bitshifting / buffer overrun

    Yes I could see it being an endian issue, unless you know the platform, such as in the case of embedded systems.
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    Re: bitshifting / buffer overrun

    Oh sorry I was in a hurry.

    My question is: Why is it preferable to use bit shifting to convert your data from unsigned char to unsigned
    short? Looks like I would lose the hi byte in a buffer...
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    Re: Problem with empty/null string/char...

    You should check explicitly for

    if (file_name==NULL)
    //take some action
  16. Thread: c to java

    by ahoodin

    Re: c to java
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    bitshifting / buffer overrun

    Why does bitshifting work in cases where casting fails?

    unsigned short *p = static_cast<unsigned short*>(static_cast<void*>(&pBuf[1]));

    The Standard doesn't guarantee the address remains the...
  18. Re: What is the common technique of using pointers to change some value on the fly?

    You shouldn't declare a constructor of type void.
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    Re: Are unit testing frameworks worthwhile

    There is overhead in testing. That's just a fact of life.
    Test driven development insures that your development
    is validated by release as well as it can. In an age where
    project managers...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] CRLF problem in code blocks ?

    That's better. '\n' translates to crlf on windows and just lf on NIX. Apple
    products are treated like NIX afaik. Ok glad you found it.
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    Re: CRLF problem in code blocks ?

    In your output on CG, the first line appears correct.

    Why is that?
  22. Re: In Visual C#, how to refresh Form1 from inside a class?

    Well really it depends on the relationship between the object instance and the form. Perhaps
    it is a static class and has no instance. In either case if not a member of the form,
    you should use...
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    Re: CRLF problem in code blocks ?

    If it were a crlf issue, then your first line would also have a crlf issue.

    Since it does not. This means that it must be the logic In the program
    or an error in the formula that is causing...
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    Re: Time dependency on Winsock sendto

    Without seeing code or understanding more, I can only hazard a guess.

    Perhaps the BOOTP socket is expecting a keepalive and never getting it?

    A keepalive as you know is a packet that tells the...
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    Re: recv through Wan address

    Usually this is a sign that the remote host is killing the socket connection prematurely.

    IE The client opens a socket, sends to the server that recvs, and starts to send an acknowledge back of...
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