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  1. disable and enable an element if another is selected

    hi everyone!!
    I need to enable a set of radio buttons and text fields if an option of a form is selected and disable them if the user do not select the option. The objective is to let the user fill...
  2. Thanks both for your replies... I tried using...

    Thanks both for your replies...
    I tried using the window.closed but you were right waldo, it didnt work with a parent window.
    Anwering Websmith's question... my window is a parent window.
  3. perform a javascript when a window is closed

    Hi everyone!
    I need to know how to perform some JavaScript code when a window is closed. Does anyone know how do I do that??

    I tried using unUnload on the bosy, but this execute the javascript...
  4. javascript funtions... overloading?

    Hi everyone!
    I want to know if in JavaScript I can have two functions with same names, but different amount of arguments. For example one function fistFunction(arg1) and another ...
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    how do I set an ilayer target?

    Does anyone know how do I make that a link inside an ilayer opens on the full window and viceversa? I have searched the internet, but found anything about targets for ilayers... I know there are...
  6. Replies

    iframes in Netscape

    Hi everyone!

    I was revising the existent documentation of inline frames (iframes) on the web and found that Netscape 4.x doesnt support them. Does anyone know any way of implementing...
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    back button from servlet

    hi everyone!
    My servlet generates an html code which has two buttons, one to close the window and one to go back and calculate again (my servlet is a calculator).
    I used the following code, but it...
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    browser's language detection

    I have this code to detect a browsers language nad if it is not en-us or es-us it opens a popup window.
    My problem is that it not workin, sometimes it reads the machine language.
    Please someone...
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    weiting textarea's text to a file

    I have a servlet that does the following things:
    1.Takes a user's answer and write it to a file. The answers are radio buttons, checkboxes text areas and text fields. (my problem is with...
  10. Re: Tabulate a survey using a servlet & writing to a file

    I solved the problem about appending to a file. Now I have all the user's answers on a file named respuestas.txt. I am completely stock here. I dont know how to tabulate the results. What I need...
  11. Re: Tabulate a survey using a servlet & writing to a file

    I am having some problems appending to a file. I used

    FileWriter fout = new FileWriter(outputFile,true);

    to make the append.
    my code doesnt compiles.
    this is the code for the file...
  12. Tabulate a survey using a servlet & writing to a file

    I need to develop a questionnaire and tabulate users' answers.
    I will use a servlet to process the questionnaire and write the answers to a file.
    Could someone give me info on how do I write...
  13. Re: checkboxes and radio buttons using JSP and servlets

    I have solved my problem... it was a simple error reading the checkboxes value and some if condition I was using was not right.

    Thanks anyway, you cleared me some dudes I had about servlets.

  14. Re: checkboxes and radio buttons using JSP and servlets

    You asked: Does the JSP send HTML to the client's browser in response to an HTTP request, then the client fills in a Form and submits it back to the server where the servlet does its thing and...
  15. checkboxes and radio buttons using JSP and servlets


    I am making a calculator using JSP that sends a request to a servlet that calculate some values, this calculator contains a series of values that users has to enter. These values are entered...
  16. open a popup window using a servlet...

    I need to open a simple pop-up window to display some information calculated by a servlet.
    Using JSP, I made a form that has a "calculate button" that calls the servlet to calculate some...
  17. Need to work with servlets... dont know how... heeelp!!!

    I need to understand how to work with servlets. I have never used servlets before, the only Java packages I used were Swing and awt. I need some GOOD resources that tell me about servlets and...
  18. my page doesnt run under netscape...please help me today!!!

    I developed a web page and when I open it in Netscape it doesnt works. I know that the problem is in the index.html that contains frames, because I tested all of the other files and they are working...
  19. Copying the contents of several files to a text area...

    Hi everyone and thanks for being always helping me!!
    I have no experience working with files on Java, in fact I have little experience using Java, but I like Java and I am working on a project...
  20. I want to implement a print button that prints a textarea...

    Hi everyone!
    I need to implement a Print button to print the text contained on a JtextArea, does anyone can help me do it? I've used the following code, but it doesn,t work:

    else if(command ==...
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    How do I...

    Someone can tell me how do I make an area in which the user can click on an arrow and increase the integer number in the area. I cant explain it very well... hope you understand what I mean. When...
  22. Re: get a value from a textfield to use it on another class

    When I press the Set Order button an exception occurs. I cant determine the nature of the exception... I may be calling wrong the getParameters method.
    java 211:

    public int getParameters()
  23. get a value from a textfield to use it on another class

    Iam developing an application wich has a button named "Set Order". This button opens a dialog on which some options are set. The user has to enter some integer values (N, S, and R). I need to...
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    Save as button...

    I have this code, and I am having problems with the Save As.. Button . The button opens the window to choose the directory in which the document will be saved, but does not save the document. ...
  25. Re: Run a Java Applet in Internet Explorer

    Thanks for your soon reply. I was running an old version of the applet, the new one runs perfectly under both browsers!! But thanks anyway :-)

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