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  1. Re: Strange problem with dynamically created control

    @dglienna: This should not be a problem at least for two reasons:

    It is the same coding as in the xxx.Designer.vb-Files produced by the form-Editor.

    My coordinates are within 640 x 480...
  2. Re: Strange problem with dynamically created control


    I now added .visible = True and hoped that the problem vanished. It seemed so. A dozen customers reported it works fine. But this morning again a customer emailed me the same old problem: text...
  3. Re: Strange problem with dynamically created control

    Hello DataMiser,

    thank you for your reply and your advice.
    Member visible = True should be the default when creating a new control. But you may be right - setting it explicitely to True would be...
  4. Strange problem with dynamically created control


    I have a strange behavior with a dynamically created TextBox-Control. The control is created in the handler of the Load-event of a dialog-form like this:

    txtTitel = New...
  5. PathGradientBrush: How to obtain the points?

    Hi to all,

    I'm looking for a method to obtain the coordinates of the points a PathGradientBrush is made of.


    My questions belongs to the .NET class PathGradientBrush (not to the...
  6. Question concerning property functions of templates

    Hi together,

    my problem is: I have a (managed) template class/structure with property functions like e.g.

    template< typename T1 >
    public ref struct MyStruct
    typedef T1 given_type;

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    Re: How to write an operator in VB-style?


    wow!!! You are quite right - it works!
    The reason why I didn't find out this was: I first wrote the operator functions in C++/CLI as object member functions (not static). VB couldn't...
  8. Replies

    How to write an operator in VB-style?


    is there any possibility to write an operator member function for a ref class in C++/CLI which can be called directly from Visual Basic using the common Visual Basic syntax? Of course this can...
  9. Distinguish managed from native types as template parameters during compiletime


    I have written some template classes using C++/CLI. These classes are managed classes (ref class). Now I want to specialize a few of them for the case that one of the given template parameters...
  10. Re: VC-Compiler (2005) not ANSI-conform (using templates)?

    Hi gurus,

    I found the (simple) solution:

    One has to foreward declare the operator-Funktion, before it can be used as a friend in the class declarations. The foreward declaration looks like:
  11. VC-Compiler (2005) not ANSI-conform (using templates)?


    I've found a strange behaviour of the C++ compiler of VS 2005. Because I'm not sure whether this is a bug (or a non-ANSI-comformity) or whether I've done a mistake, I post it here. The example...
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    Re: Owner-draw combo box and compareitem

    Hi dcell59,

    I discovered the same problem (VS 2005, SP1). Worse: In my case the second item in COMPAREITEMSTRUCT delivered to CompareItem() is completely wrong. It always contains senseless data!...
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    VS 2005 SP1: List of corrected bugs?


    does anybody know an URL with a list of all bugs corrected in the SP1 of VS 2005? On the microsoft sites only a list of all improvements is available. But MS also writes that plently bugs have...
  14. Re: Any possibility to obtain the container of an STL-iterator?

    Hi all,

    I already expected that there is no possibility (because of the fact that containers and their iterators are strictly separated - as GNiewerth quite correctly mentioned).

    Well, the...
  15. Any possibility to obtain the container of an STL-iterator?


    does anyone know whether there exist any possibility to obtain (a pointer to) the container an STL-iterator refers to?

    For example:
    Consider many std::maps all of (e.g.) type...
  16. Re: How to read the serial port DCB of a running exe?

    @ Kirants,

    I've now tried this program (PortMon). It reports the DCB settings (and gettings) which the application does. So it's what I am looking for. Thank you very much!

  17. Re: How to read the serial port DCB of a running exe?

    @ gstercken:

    That's exactly what I meant. Of course the DCB is associated with the serial port - and I want to read it's parameters! That's it.
    The reason why I wrote "... for a running...
  18. How to read the serial port DCB of a running exe?


    is there any possiblity to read out the DCB-parameters of the serial port of a running program? I mean the release version of an executable. Does anyone know a (freeware) tool for doing that?...
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