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    Re: Extract interface from COM obj PLS HELP

    You can use the OLE/COM Object viewer (OleView.exe) installed with either the Windows or .Net SDK to view the embedded type library in ODL (Object Definition Language). This can be saved to a file...
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    Re: Issue with Receipt Generator Application

    Generally, the way I've seen this work is as follows:

    1. Display price prompt
    2. Get price information
    3. If price information is end of data code continue else goto 1
    4. Process and print...
  3. Re: POST XML data to external PHP script

    I would think that you should be using UTF8 encoding and ContentType of "text/xml".
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    Re: Linq To Dataset

    I would think that the best place to do this is in the SQL statement that retreives your DataTable e.g.

    SELECT 1235467X AS 1234567, kumarA AS kumar, CPUD AS CPU
  5. Re: Can I stop Visual Studio 2008 from overwriting my application configuration file?

    See "". Read the parts pertaining to user settings and user.config. Basically, the settings in the app.config should be read-only default...
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    Re: Help using SQL in C#

    The "SQL" in SQL Server stands for Structured Query Language, which is a language specifically designed to allow you to ask the database for a specific group of records. You should not be searching...
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    Re: Help With Project Please

    Any method that has the same name as the class in which it is contained is considered by the compiler to be a constructor.

    Since your class does not specify any access modifiers and it's only...
  8. Re: Can save images to a structured text file C# ?

    You need to convert the bitmap (Staff.Picture) to a byte[] before saving it to the file. See
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    Re: Writng a list to a text file

    An authorization exception normally means that the user account that the code is running under does not have sufficient permissions to access the file. Also, why are you using a binary reader to read...
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    Re: Writng a list to a text file

    Ok, if I understand correctly what you are trying to do...

    The code as you have it written will output the number of students, then the full list of students, then the full list of marks, and it...
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    Re: Writng a list to a text file

    Remove the first myFile.Close().

    public int WriteAllRecords()
    Student stud = new Student();
    StreamWriter myFile = File.CreateText("Juniorstudents.txt");
    numofStudents =...
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    Re: Beginner:c# windows service using webDav

    You can also refer to this article where I describe how to debug a service while it is running as a service.
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    Re: Access Violation

    I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing anything in the code that you've shared that should cause an access problem. Perhaps it is in how the ResultadoBusca objects are populated or defined, or it could...
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    Re: Access Violation

    What type of object is ListaResultadoBusca, and why are you putting it in the Session twice (lines 5 and 10).
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    Re: Access Violation

    Normally, this sort of error means that something has attempted to read to or write from memory that it is not allowed to access. I'm afraid that without seeing the code that is causing the problem,...
  16. Re: Socket idle time problem in Windows Service

    You're going to need to be able to step through your code to find the problem. With Windows Services this can be a bit trickier than a normal exe or web project.

    First, you'll need to find the...
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    Re: Need help with C# code; am getting errors

    Your friend is correct. The listing you have is C++ not C#.
  18. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    Just Google "SQL Server Table Indexing" there is lots of information on the subject.
  19. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    In a hospital setting, you are going to accumulate a lot of records over time, you should create indexes on the table columns that you use a lot in joins and in your where clauses to improve query...
  20. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    Then my reccomendations stand. I would create an insert trigger on the customer table that on insert, creates a record in the orders table using the primary key value from the newly created customer...
  21. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    Normally, the way these things work is...

    Customer logs in - during the authentication you go to the database and get the customer information.

    Customer wants to create a new order - you use...
  22. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    First, I would recommend that you have a primary key column on all of your tables. This allows for deeper nested referencing as I demonstrated above and also primary keys are automatically created...
  23. Re: How to Make an Entry in a Table and Do it in Another

    The way this is normally accomplished is using Foreign Key constraints in the database e.g.

    customerID: (generated by database as primary key identity)
    Name: Mr. Random
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    Re: assembly reference not working in C# script

    If you are using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio or SharpDevelop, you should not be copying core .Net Framework files into your bin folder manually. Use the...
  25. Re: unsigned char array pointer to C# equivalent - marshalling

    Not sure about this one, try System.UIntPtr
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