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    Autoscroll for mdi app

    I'm creating an mdi application. On my child form i have autoscroll set to true. my child form is kind of long and as i tab over from one text box to another, the scrollbar stays in the same...
  2. Crystal Report changing textobject at runtime

    How do you go about changing the text in a textobject in crystal report? when or before the report is opened i want to be able to set the text based on whatever i want it to be. it may say "name"...
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    I want to create a report that's based on a...

    I want to create a report that's based on a user's selection, basically a form with checkboxes and comboboxes. The end user will not have to write an sql statement.

    to start with, I have a form...
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    Remove border from form

    Does anyone know how to remove the border from a form when it's is being loaded? I've set it to none, and it takes a few seconds to load a form, and within that that few seconds, the border is...
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    I'm not sure what you're asking for. I'm using...

    I'm not sure what you're asking for. I'm using and as far as i can see there's only one MaskedEdit control.
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    Maskedbox backcolor problems

    I'm trying to change the backcolor of a maskedbox when a button is pressed, but i'm having problems. what i have right now is a form, a maskedbox, and a button. I was keeping things simple to see...
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