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    Re: Inheritance Problems

    I have solved my own problems (once again). My options were to overload the append() so that it takes Plane object ref. but then another solution came to my head and I'm happy about it. I have made a...
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    Re: Inheritance Problems

    It seems like on the main program on the part:

    Plane current_plane(flight_number++, current_time, arriving);
    if (small_airport.can_land (current_plane) != success)
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    [RESOLVED] Inheritance Problems

    How come I can't get this program to run even though derived class Extended_queue inherited from the base class Queue?

    header: Queue with Extended_queue

    const int maxqueue = 10; //small value...
  4. [Problem] Composition aka Writing programs in multiple files

    So lately I've been writing multiple header and cpp files and I would always the same error when I finally #include headers in my main.cpp. This error
    undefined reference to `...` On Youtube videos...
  5. Re: Can anyone help me with my programming homework please!

    I would have to say, this isn't as easy as I thought. Yeah, create loops for other rows.
  6. Re: Can anyone help me with my programming homework please!

    I would first do the loop on step one first. Notice that's only half of the shape of #2 so you just mirror the loop statement. Then you go from there.
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    [RESOLVED] Towers of Hanoi Game

    So my program uses the list template as the towers and the values in them are disks. I used the push and pop methods with loops to display changing values due to user input.

    Rules of the game:

  8. [RESOLVED] Tic-Tac-Toe Game - Applying OOP and Arrays

    Code a game allowing two human players to play tictactoe.

    Create 2 classes:
    -Create a 3 x 3, 2-D array board class to play the game.
    -Player; has a private string name data member...
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    Re: Help in Enqueue & Dequeue

    I've never used a debugger before. I'm pretty sure my program had to be object-oriented but I drifted off of that because I'm not used to it. So whatever class members I made it's just for show. For...
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    [RESOLVED] Help in Enqueue & Dequeue

    9/14/2012 - I've not used any of the suggestions made by the members of the forums. I decided to fix the current problem I had instead.

    Use your language’s native queue class to write...
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