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  1. Re: 2010 edit on looking for valid directory path

    You cannot have an IF function inside a config file, as it is merely XML. You will have to read the path from your config file, check if the path is valid ( from your form ) based on that, display...
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    Re: Help Needed with VB Code

    Sorry I lost you...

    If the data is being pulled incorrectly, isn't there a problem with your physical SQL query? Could you please provide more information?
  3. Re: bindingsource.endedit fails first time it is called, succeeds otherwise

    I would guess that it might be due to how the object has been initialized; or perhaps even a scoping issue
  4. Re: Database implementation: having trouble with castException for this function

    InvalidCastException usually refers to a conversion that cannot be made. So somewhere in either your DB or your function you have incompatible types, or trying to convert something into a wrong type....
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    Re: How to deploy a project with SQL?

    I don't think you should include the db in your setup, remember, it can be huge. I would suggest you deploy the CREATE TABLE queries at least
  6. Re: Dynamic Variable List, How? Ex: TaskMan

    Thanks for sharing the answer!

    Please mark your thread resolved if it has a solution
  7. Re: Meaning of x:Key and x: Name NEED HELP!!!

    Yes, in that context it is.
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    Re: Accessing desktop in-focus window

    This should give you a decent start :
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    Re: NULL variables

    Please use CODE tags when posting code.
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    Re: MDI Dev Environment

    That option has been missing since Visual Studio 2010.
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    Re: Display message every hour

    These should also help with working with Time and Timers:
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    Re: Cannot create ActiveX component.

    Welcome to the forums! :wave:

    Please use CODE tags when posting code

    This might help you with your question :...
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    Re: Looking for a mentor

    Welcome to the forums.

    No one can give you a precise time on how long learning C++ will take. It is a long process though to learn it properly, but worth it at the end.
  14. Re: convert code form C# 2008 to C# 2005 have DataClass ?

    What errors does the above code give?
  15. Re: How to register the library flash for C# 2005 ?

    Have a read here :
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    Re: Get Active Directory user List

    Have a look into UserPrincipal and PrincipalContext classes
  17. Thread: mobile

    by HanneSThEGreaT

    Re: mobile

    Looks nice, at first glance.
  18. Re: Copying the data from one workbook to another Work book, cauing the error-COM cla

    Have you set the correct references to the correct Excel version?
  19. Thread: Help!

    by HanneSThEGreaT

    Re: Help!

    Just a note on your Do While loops ( that are not needed here as DM pointed out ). You need to change the values of the object being checked inside a do while loop. A do while loop is known as a...
  20. Re: Convert code C# 2008 to code C# 2005 ?

    Switching back to a previous version just because you don't understand the newer methods is not the way to go.... I suggest learning LINQ and see how easy it can make everything for you
  21. Re: How to Successfully Retire as a Senior Software Engineer?

    He is and always was :)
  22. Re: Not able to create More than 1 Partition in USB Drive using kernel32 and DeviceIo

    Does this work with C++ on WIndows 8.1? The reason I ask is I know there has been a lot of changes made on how to communicate with USB devices since Windows 7
  23. Re: Receiving error on build ShockwaveFlashObjects not being includded

    Have you set all the appropriate references?
  24. Re: New to Programming - need help understanding code.

    OK, let us have a look - just to add onto what DM has said.. :

    Do Until counter = Sales.length
    sum = FormatCurrency(Sales(counter)) //this is what I don't understand, what does this...
  25. Re: Open *.mpg and/or *.mp4 in VB6

    Please do a search on this forum, as this question has been asked and answered numerous times in the past
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