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    Re: Bold, Italic Tag Help!!

    You can do an additional replace pass before the ones that apply the tags, that removes any bold, italic or underline formatting from all paragraph marks:

  2. Re: Problem accessing array created in the same class

    As Victor already pointed out, your problem here is that, though your array actually is created on the managed heap, your tracking handle variable that refers to the array is a local variable to the...
  3. Re: Declaring member variables in a windows form app

    You're right, writing a Windows Forms app without involving .NET is impossible, simply because Windows Forms is part of the .NET Framework Library.

    Howerver, there's a few .NET-less alternative...
  4. Re: Declaring member variables in a windows form app

    If your goal ist platform independence, you'd typically either use a cross-platform framework like Qt or KDE, or you'd write your own abstraction/adapter layers that isolate your platform-unaware...
  5. Re: Declaring member variables in a windows form app

    You actually could use the Win32 LoadImage() in you managed app, but why would you want to? It would dramatically complicate things without gaining you any reward, compared to simply using what the...
  6. Re: Declaring member variables in a windows form app

    No. Of course the variable would need to be of type Image ^ (or of one of the two derived types Bitmap ^ or Metafile ^, if you're sure the image you're loading is of the respective type and want to...
  7. Re: How to structure and step through a project using and

    I'm not exactly sure about actual JIT debugging, but attaching to a running process works with the Express, it's just that the respective menu item remains invisible until advanced features are...
  8. Re: How to structure and step through a project using and

    AFAICT you're right, but to me the issue here seems to be mixed language debugging rather than mixed mode. While, in fact, that isn't supported by the Express versions either, I have a potential...
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    Re: Button to display text box message

    So then simply assign the text "1" (in double quotes, as opposed to the numeric value 1 without the quotes) to the text box' Text property.

    However, you'll probably want to also be able to use...
  10. Re: 68hc11, largest unsigned contents of memory question

    Yeah, at such a low level it's pretty difficult to clearly draw the line of dstinction between an understandable explanation and the practical equivalent of a given-out solution. After asking whether...
  11. Re: 68hc11, largest unsigned contents of memory question

    Oops! :o

    Do you really think my post #2 above goes too far? I consider removing it in this case...
  12. Re: 68hc11, largest unsigned contents of memory question

    These are the general steps your program needs to take in order to accomplish its goal:

    Read the value from location $3000. (It would commonly be read into a register called "accumulator" on a...
  13. Thread: Calculator help

    by Eri523

    Re: Calculator help

    Well, you don't actally explain what your code shoud do which in fact it does not. The term "Calculator" you mention gives a very vague idea of the direction your intentions are heading to, but...
  14. Re: How to add a Rdlc Report file to .Resx Resource file ?

    This post demonstrates using a file resource: It's a cursor...
  15. Re: Really need help with Opening Form2,3,4,5 with buttons from Form 1 (With conditio

    The correct expresion to check for that condition is form2show == nullptr instead of form2show = NULL. The NULL macro is intended for use with native pointers, as opposed to the managed tracking...
  16. Re: Different Type of Fuction Call - Convert From C#

    There's still no type alias for System::String in C++/CLI and declaring variables of reference types requires the ^ to denote a tracking handle, as opposed to a value type instance. (You seemed to...
  17. Re: Different Type of Fuction Call - Convert From C#

    And where, specifically, lies the problem? To me that function doesn't really look any spectacular (at first sight).
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    Re: Message Loop in Windows Forms

    This way of accessing the text box should work if MyFunc() were a class member of Form1. In order to make it one, declare the function like this in the Form1 class body in Form1.h:

    private: ...
  19. Re: How to create a .exe file to run it on any window

    A Windows Forms app will always require the respective version of the .NET framework that s targetted by your VC version. There's nothing you can do about that.

    But aside of the framework, there's...
  20. Re: Convert From C# to Managed C++ and C++/CLI

    If what you posted is the actual code you tried to compile as C++/CLI, you're facing two syntactical issues:

    While C# uses the dot operator for all sorts of class member access, C++/CLI uses that...
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    Re: Odd question about VS2010 and my project

    Interesting. I observe the same phenomenon in the main project I'm currently working on, but, following Arjay's advice from post #7, I found out that both the form's .h and .resx files remain...
  22. Re: PipeClient c# to PipeServer c++ : Deserializing confusion (need help)

    Why do you think the .NET framework binary formatter could de-serialize a native pipe handle (or any other native type, for that matter)? Its Deserialize() member accepts a System::IO::Stream object...
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    Re: Homework Assistance Needed

    In addition to all that has been stated correctly in the earlier responses you got already: txtAge and lblPrice seem to be intended to represent some controls on a form. However, by declaring them as...
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    Re: Making form constantly maximized

    Right, they don't have scroll bars by default. But adding scroll bars yourself using the designer (or programmatically) actually is hardly ever necessary and requres quite some programming effort on...
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    Re: child form controls

    I don't really understand your description of your scenario, but as a general design guideline, have the MDI parent form do all the management of the child forms. If you want a child form to trigger...
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