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  1. Re: How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bootstrap Website?

    There are enough bootstrap templates, just google it.
    So find a template, buy it and than... either customize it yourself or pay a freelancer to customize it -- it is much better than developing...
  2. Re: SQL State: JZ006 SQL Exception Error Code: 0

    > try to execute a expansive query on a sybase database. The funny part is the exception is not raised always but when the database is really busy/slow

    well, this looks like a DATABASE problem,...
  3. Re: Where do you get good developers for large projects?

    Well, Upwork and the similar places are good to find cheap developers )

    Good developers are... well, try HackerNews.
    There are monthly threads for those who looking for freelancers and for...
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    Re: Programming Books With Exercises

    For Java:

    You can start with "Core Java for the Impatient"

    But, I would say, until you read the "Effective Java"...
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