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    Re: C++/CLI and C#


    Both languages are about equally powerful in this context. The biggest strength of C++ is evident when you need to also use OS functionality that is only exposed as native or COM APIs since...
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    Re: MFC Collection Classes.

    And frankly the team will give you the same answer. The MFC collection classes are only there for backwards compatibility. C++ has a standard for collection classes and that is the Standards C++...
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    Re: VSTO and C++


    The easiest way is probably to use the contact form on the VSTO team blog. Here is a link to the Blog main page.

    Note that you should (relatively) easily be...
  4. Re: What about the ATL future?


    Since the current set of WS-* specs is multiple thousands of pages and the team that is writing the .Net stack to support this dwarfs the C++ team in size, we definitely cannot write a...
  5. Re: What about the MFC future?

    The question on MFC books is quite simple to answer: MS Press nowadays acts mostly like a stand-along publisher, i.o.w. they publish the books they think will sell big and sales data from books...
  6. Re: C++ and library user education - Microsoft free developer events?


    While I would love to see more MS exposure of C++ at these kinds of events the problem in doing so is that adding 1 session on C++ to these 1 day events still doesn't make the event very...
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    Re: VSTO and C++

    Hi Dave,

    No, there are no immediate plans to do so. From a recent discussion I had with that team, the decision is based on both surveys and 1:1 interactions the VSTO team has had with their...
  8. Re: Industrial Automation and Visual C++

    The .Net garbage collector will not do anything with threads running native code when it does its garbage collection. So as long as you run all time critical code on threads that only execute native...
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    Re: std:tr1

    Hi Carl,

    We will probably not be able to provide this library for Orcas. Beyond the availability from our partner there is quite a bit of integration work we need to do and at the moment it seems...
  10. Re: Industrial Automation and Visual C++

    Visual C++ 2002, 2003, 2005 are and Oracs will be significantly faster and more secure inthe code they generate (between 6.0 and 2005 the performance of generated code with the maximum optimizations...
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    Re: XAML and VC++?


    We will not have direct support for the XAML designers in the Orcas release. We are looking at support for releases after that and it will mostly depend on customer demand. I.e. on the issue...
  12. Re: [Yesterday] VC6 COM support


    I would seriously dispute that the support for COM in Visual C++ is inadequate. By far the majority of all production COM code in C/C++ applications leverages either or both the ATL library or...
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    Re: Class Designer and VC++?


    It is on our list for future consideration, but very unlikely to happen for the Orcas release.

    Also our strategy is to avoid introducing features that are (or should be) independent of...
  14. Re: Is future in managed code?If so when?

    To sawer:

    Writing kernel mode code has always meant operating in a significantly restricted environment. In fact Microsoft does not support using C++ to write kernel mode drivers because curently...
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    Re: Microsoft NEt


    There are no new annnouncements Microsoft is making in this arena.


    Ronald Laeremans
    Acting Product Unit Manager
    Visual C++ Team
  16. Re: When is 80bit long double coming back?

    Yes, just like long and int are distinct types although they happen to map to the same machine type on both 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms.

    Doing it differently would hurt cross platform...
  17. Re: When is 80bit long double coming back?


    There are no current plans to add 80 bit FP support.

    The major reason is that FP code generation has been switching to the use of SSE/SSE2/SSE3 instruction sets instead of the x87 FP stack...
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