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  1. Re: CDialogBar moves content (other windows) in MDI application when docked at left s

    Thanks for your answer

    I managed now to reposition my windows in an overridden RecalcLayout Method.

    Thank you !
  2. CDialogBar moves content (other windows) in MDI application when docked at left side


    I have a question concerning the CDialogBar (:CControlBar).

    I have a MDI application with a dockable toolbox (CDialogBar).
    The user is able/allowed to move the DialogBar and to dock it at...
  3. [WinForms] Zoom in/out UserControl/DesignSurface


    I have implemented my own Designer where I am able to add / position my controls.

    Now I would like to have the possibility to zoom in and out the Design Surface, like in Word, Visio or...
  4. Replies

    Custom TypeConverter for SubProperties


    I am trying to write a TypeConverter for SubProperties, in this case the BooleanConverter.
    I managed to use the BooleanConverter with Bool-Fields that are MainProperties, but not with...
  5. WinForms Custom Designer: Problem with Refreshing RootComponent/Control


    I have two problems concerning repainting my WinForms Designer and I hope you can help me.
    (using .NET 2.0)

    Problem 1:
    I right-click on my first control to open context menu. Then I do...
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