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    Re: Overwrite / Replace a Locked File

    I don't want to terminate the application, simply replace a file that the application is using.
    I am trying to implement a program with the Sims 2 that switches a custom CAS! file (available here:...
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    Overwrite / Replace a Locked File

    Hello again!
    I am wondering how I can replace a file locked by another application.
    I am using VB.NET from 2008.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
  3. Re: Load an Image in a PictureBox from a ListBox

    Thank you SO MUCH. I really appreciate it! :)
  4. [RESOLVED] Load an Image in a PictureBox from a ListBox

    I want to make a program similar to this one:
    I already have the ListBox ready. But how do I load the images?
    The image name works like this:...
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