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  1. Re: WCF Service Error Bad Image Format Exception on x86

    I tried to place the 32 bit dll in Bin directory and also SYSWOW64 dir.

    The problem is when i run in "Any CPU" mode .. i get error while initializing the 32 bit dll and when i change the Platform...
  2. WCF Service Error Bad Image Format Exception on x86

    I am getting an error Bad Image Format Exception when i change the Platform Target to x86 from Any CPU.
    It doesn't throw an exception when running on "Any CPU" as Platform Target.

    My OS is...
  3. Re: Winsock DataArrival event just triggers once

    Ok problem is solved.
    I was just missing new line character while sending commands.

  4. Re: Winsock DataArrival event just triggers once

    I think it can create problem with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    Also this should make sure that telnet service is installed on every machine using this.
  5. Winsock DataArrival event just triggers once

    When i send a command to a terminal, there are chances that more than more reply are sent.
    Winsock_DataArrival Triggers just once when first reply is sent. Its is not triggering when second reply...
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    Array in Win32 C++

    I am creating a Win32 Dll Wrapper around my C# class library.

    I am able to pass string from my C# to C++ application.
    But i am not sure as to how can i pass string array in Win32 C++ project.
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    Registering Win32 COM DLL gives Error

    I have created a C++ Win32 Dll.
    I have created a .def File which contains the names of the functions in Win32.Dll
    As: 1Win32.cpp includes a class library file named gs.tlb
    It has functions named...
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    Re: WIn32 DLL Wrapper

    I think got the solution:

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    [RESOLVED] WIn32 DLL Wrapper

    I have a managed class library developed in C#.
    Now i need to create a win 32 dll wrapper around it.

    So in my Win 32 DLL i need to import that class library and call the starting point functions...
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