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    Re: Graph data structures?

    who told you there are no pointers in C#. That is a fable they tell the noobs, in my opinion to their own determint. Understanding that most everything in C# is in reality a pointer helps greatly...
  2. Re: Parsing HTTP POST with StreamReader (multipart/form-data with file)

    Then I suppose you are going to have to do it the hard way, by reading each character as a char and adding it into a StringBuilder. Then you can use the StringReader class.
  3. Re: Parsing HTTP POST with StreamReader (multipart/form-data with file)

    using (BinaryReader breader = new BinaryReader(stream))
    ///find tags etc here
    using (StringReader sreader = new StringReader(breader.ReadString()))...
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    Re: Debugging a Service

    If you get clever with partial classes and some compiler directives you can make it so that in debug mode you can run as a process not a service, it makes it much easier to debug, you just have to...
  5. Re: Help please..where to start?

    As a suggestion I have always thought that a calculator is a great project to use to learn a new language. Everything is well defined as far scope goes, and it requires the use of some simple data...
  6. Re: Switching application into administrator mode

    I dont want to "make" a new one, I want to do as little as possible to make an old one compliant, there is quite a large differance.

    At any rate the slides did answer the question, there is no way...
  7. Re: Program crashes when working with large array

    unless your system is from the 1980's there is no way your computer is crashing creating 60,000 points. The problem is something else. As a simple test bring up the task manager and watch your...
  8. Re: Timing problem in C#

    Arjay is correct, deep down on the inside the timer send a WM_TIMER message to your WndProc, and if your thread is blocked then it can not process the message in a timely manner.
  9. Re: Accessing Form Label from Seperate Class

    What BigEd says is right, but you can do it by setting the "Modifiers" property of the label to "public"
  10. Switching application into administrator mode

    Does anyone know how or if you can have an application switch into admistrator mode to run a particular section of code without having to launch it as a process that requests adminstrative...
  11. Re: Displaying datatable properly




    I can never remember which one I need...
  12. Re: Include files as references, instead of a copy?

    Yeah C# sucks about that. I have tried a million different ways to do this including putting the projects all in one folder (Don't do that by the way). For some reason MS just does not want to...
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    Re: disable the desktop

    I would just kill explorer.exe and then lock of Alt+Tab as HanesTheGreat suggests.
  14. Re: Reference types in application settings

    If you ask me those application settings that they give you are pretty darn worthless. Ypu are far better off to just make your own settings class and implement IXMLSerilizable, then you can have...
  15. Re: System.Net.WebException was unhandled

    Is that a compile error that you are getting? Did you make sure to get the "try" at the top?
  16. Re: Strange function overloading behavior with int and enum

    Wow learn something new everyday. Thanks for the update, Im going to file that one away in a safe spot, because that would suck to try and debug that. I would just assume it would always call the...
  17. Re: System.Net.WebException was unhandled

    System.Net.WebClient client= new System.Net.WebClient();
    client.DownloadFile("http://localhost/test.txt", string.Concat("C:/test.txt"));
    catch(Exception ex)
    throw new...
  18. Re: How do you add content to a tab control dynamically in wcf -- at run time?

    It bugs me just a little when I see people do that too. I guess it just comes down to which exception you want to hunt down null object or InvalidCast, either one provide about the same information I...
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    Re: Resize a form in a panel

    In order to get the inner control to resize, you must change the size of parent panel, you know that right? The inner control will size with the parent panel.

    Also get rid of all the AnchorStyle...
  20. Re: Strange function overloading behavior with int and enum

    I can argue why it would call foo(Bar) or foo(object) with equal enthusiasm, but what does not make any sense is why It calls foo(bar) when the calling foo(0) and then calls foo(object) with foo(1)
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    Re: Printing custom control

    try doing it this way

    private void drawingPanel_Paint_1(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)

    using (Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(s.Width, s.Height))
  22. Re: Problems with Threads and Invokes

    I am glad that I could be of help. You have no idea how much help I have gotten from "gurus" in the past. After going on 15 years of reading error messages I can nail one everyonce in a while, you...
  23. Re: Strange function overloading behavior with int and enum

    I have to admit when I first read this I thought you were smoking crack. Obviously the solution to your example is an Explicit cast, but I get your point. I have absolutly no idea why it behaves this...
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    Re: C# ST DEV. Please Help ASAP

    All you need is to calculate the standard deviation?

    I feel like I am missing something but here you go

    public static float LatchTimeStdev()
    float sum = 0.0f...
  25. Re: Problem with Read method in dll

    Why dont you have your "Init" Method called in the constructor. From the code I see init will never be called, and therefore intermediateResult will always be null, which is exactly what the...
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