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  1. Re: SerialPort DataReceived event not processing bytes read

    I had not looked into that other project. Using the NMEAParser seemed simple enough, but that GNSS Receiver class makes it even simpler. That guy is a genius! Nevertheless I still find it strange...
  2. SerialPort DataReceived event not processing bytes read

    Hi, I'm working with a GlobalSat GPS device that will report GPS messages at 4800bps every second or so. I'm getting the message strings but I cannot get to process any of them.
    I'm using...
  3. Re: WebBrowser.Document.GetElementByID() problem

    Hi Hannes, thanks for the answer. I had already tried all those, that's why I mention that things like ElementByID and ElementsByTag return null and empty collection. I ended up coding an...
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    Re: Taking 1 method from another

    What you need is recursivity. Call f() from within f() until that condition you mention is met. Once the final f() ends without calling another f() all the f()'s end and as each ends it returns a...
  5. Re: Top-level exception handler doesn't work in Windows 7

    As of .Net 4 some exceptions are no longer "catchable" as far as I've read. For example an AccessViolationException. This means no matter how many try-catch's you have, your application will still...
  6. WebBrowser.Document.GetElementByID() problem

    Hi, I'm trying to load an HTML page inside a webbrowser in my WinForms app and would like to set text values of several elements of the page in order to localize it according to language.

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    Re: c# form validation

    Hi, for the 1st part, I'd guess we'll need more info on how you connect to the database, what server you are using and all those etcs.

    As for the second part, you can check the email addresses...
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    .Net 4.0 AccessViolationException

    Hi, I'm having a problem with windows and a third party device library. We develop software that uses third party hardware, written for .Net 4.0+ in C# for both 32/64 bit platforms according to...
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    Re: Serial Communication Data Receive

    No, DataReceived Event will be fired when (every time) the PC-side serial interface receives data. The PC (your C# program) sends data to the Board, the board then replies to the PC, that's when...
  10. Re: TCP socket problem - IP:Port already in use.

    Tell that to TeamViewer lol... True nevertheless, so I'll change my default to a port number >49152. That still won't contain a socket collition though.
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    Re: Serial Communication Data Receive

    DataReceived event will be fired when the serial interface gets any data into its buffer. Your code seems fine, but you might be missing the Baudrate setup? Your board might not be understanding what...
  12. Re: TCP socket problem - IP:Port already in use.

    Victor, the TCP/UDP port list is where I got the 1024-65535 port range that should be used for user applications. That's why I decided to use port 3000. There is no specification on which one should...
  13. TCP socket problem - IP:Port already in use.

    Hello everyone, thanks for reading!

    I have a little question about TCP sockets and how to define which port will be used for the connection. So far I just defined port 3000 as a default port and...
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    Using a 32 bit DLL in a 64 bit App

    Hi, I've come accross an unlucky scenario where I can only use the 64 bit version of one DLL (on a 64 bit Win 7) but don't have the 64 bit version of another DLL I also need to use, so I can't...
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    DataGridView Multiple Selection problem

    Hi, I'm using a DGV to show a lot of Database entries and I would like to allow the user to select multiple rows and then perform actions on those rows. The problem is, since the DGVs multiselect...
  16. Re: How to solve arithmetical problems?

    You are grouping wrong. Multiplication and division precede addition and substraction.
    result = (Math.Pow(numx, 2) + Math.Pow(numz, 2)) / (1 - (Math.Pow(numx, 2) - Math.Pow(numz, 2)) / 2);When...
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    Re: SQL current ID check returns same value twice.

    Point taken. I agree, nevertheless it does seem like a strange behaviour, having IDENT_CURRENT return the same value twice.

    If an insert error occurs the procedure will return with error and I...
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    SQL current ID check returns same value twice.

    Hi, I'm having some weird behaviour with SQL. I have a method to check what the next ID will be (no multithreading or any chance of collisions there) but the problem is I'm getting the same ID twice...
  19. Re: How can I call a Event when user clicks a button.

    The simplest way would be to open your form designer, and double click on the button that should perform what you need. That should take you to the button click event handler automatically.

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    Localization resource files

    Hi, I'm having problems with localization. My problem is, if I add a "strings.en.resx" file (the nested designer.cs file is not created when a .xx. language identifier is present) and if I try to...
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    Dll reference imported as interop?

    Hello again, once more I'm having an old problem with referencing libraries. From my VS2010 project window, I add a reference to a .dll file, either selecting the file itself or from the COM tab...
  22. Re: File in use by another process problem

    Ok, this is how my PrePaint event resulted. It will calculate the position of the InnerPlotPosition considering the ChartArea's position and the Chart size. I had to change to calculation of the...
  23. Re: File in use by another process problem

    Yes, there's the <measuringPoint> class that has the ChartArea, Legend and Series, and then the GUI that has the Chart. Since (so far) all I did was update the .Points data in the Series, I had no...
  24. Re: File in use by another process problem

    Hi zips, the null assignment throws a nullReferenceException, already tried. The value for "no image" is just an empty string.

    Thulhu, thank you for the info. The chart I'm using is from the...
  25. [RESOLVED] File in use by another process problem

    Hello again! I'm having a little problem with a .BackImage property file I want to modify at run time, but can't manage to "release" the file to be able to change what I need. This is what I want to...
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