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    Re: Programming Ideas

    In the Beginning of learning there is DUPLICATION. So the very first step I would recommand is :
    a) Read the book chapter by chapter.
    b) Clear up any word you do not fully understand. This...
  2. Re: How to repeated insert into history by textchanged event problem

    The TextChanged event is simple the wrong event to handle that problem.
    I would use the keydown Event and checking for the 'Enter' key. When you then press the enter key in the end of entering Text...
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    Re: Multiplayer game development question

    Doing game as you are planning to do has a lot of problems. Even when you are very dedcated (as you wrote ) You will run into Problems.
    a) Reverse Engineering is a problem itself. Have you...
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    Re: Problems with Excel Code

    I had found an relativly easy Approach to handle that Problem.
    I created a Libraryusing exactly that methods. written in VB.NET so I did bnot have prblems with the code itself
    because he VB.NET...
  5. Re: Attempted to read or write protected memory.

    Form2 Form2 = new Form2();

    You cannot d this. as yu have the same Name for the class and the variable.

    You Need to write someting like

    Form2 frm = new Form2();
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    Re: datagridview doesn´t show the datasource

    Hi !
    Sory I cannot see any code where you are really binding the grid to your list, When do you call the method 'seedatagrid' and where the list is filled.
    So basially the code you are showig is...
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    [RESOLVED] Problems with Excel Code

    Hallo Friends!
    I wanted to Change the following code to C#

    Dim BestArray(,) As Object
    'I'm calling a method which fills the Excel sheet in a very short time
    ' 100.000 lines with 12...
  8. Re: importing RowName and ColumnName from an excelfile to a datagridview ...

    sorry but no one is interested to download an exe file. If you want help zip the project after removing all data in the bin and obj folder so there is no exe dile included into your project and add...
  9. Re: Left docked (vertical) toolstrip on C# form

    wow, where did he find that old one and brought it up to present time?
    hehe I didn't look at the date, I simple solved it showing the code :D
  10. Re: Left docked (vertical) toolstrip on C# form

    I attached the code into here:ehh:
  11. Re: Left docked (vertical) toolstrip on C# form

    TTake a toolstrip and place it wherever you want it and align it on the left side vertically. Then add some buttons to it
    when thios is done use the codeview of the method InitializeComponents()...
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    Re: windows application

    As you are a newbie in Cä first I would recommand to read a good bookabout C#
    I'm sure there are lots of them available on the web.

    Learning something like a language starts with knowing about...
  13. Re: Concept of pages system using by UserControl

    Thx !

    I looked to your program and saw yor problem


    privatevoid typepage_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (parent != null)
  14. Re: Concept of pages system using by UserControl

    Sorry I didn't get your idea. Maybe zip what you already have and post the zupped code Maybe when I test your code I'll get the idea behind that code.
    Is the maonForm an MDI window? what isthe forms...
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    Re: Delegates and Event

    namespace WindowsFormsApplication1
    public partial class Form1 : Form
    private BatchInfo info;
    /// <summary>
    /// Constructzor
    /// </summary>
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    Re: Enabling / Disabling Menus

    I would hide menue points that are not used in a given form. When some changes occur and the other menueheaders are needed, then I would make them visible. Different buttons in a menue I would...
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    Re: Visual C# simple problem

    Sorry if you only delete the errormessage and recompile you will still get the same erormessage you really need to go to the click event in the design view and there deleting the event delegate so...
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    Re: Visual C# simple problem

    This error is quite clear you unfortunatly created a click event by doing some clicks in the enviroment and when you delete the click events delegate you also need to delete the line where this...
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    Re: Add controls from one panel to the other

    class AllUsers{ // Ok you are un class AllUsers
    public void AllUsers_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Here you are creating a totally other class
    // This class has no link...
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    Re: how to open .csv file

    Simple use the Excel classes by adding them to the project. Which one depends on what excel file it should create e.g. Excel 2003 or 2007

    The open command can open the file and then save it as...
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    Re: Help beginner with a simple code.

    Hi !
    There arer different ways you may get an error when using that code, because in the easiest way it may happen when one of the textboxrd idt empty!!! Or if you have an entry containing an alpha-...
  22. Re: Assign checkBoxes values to clicked radiobutton

    Like already Cimperiali told you there is more to be known about that to help you. For giving you correct advice I wanted to see that codeparts where you are actually working on. But what I got is...
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    Re: HELP! Question about C#

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Data.OleDb;
    using System.Data;

    namespace Connect2
    class ConnectInfo
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    Re: [RESOLVED] iteration from the database

    Maybe, but I cannoz find even one line of code of what you are describing here
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    Re: [RESOLVED] iteration from the database

    The problem is I cannot find any of the code you have already shown here in previous topics in the code you sended me. Even the names of that forms are not existing maybe thhey all are derived from...
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