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  1. Can someone help me create a setup project for an Excel add-in

    -Can someone help me create a setup project for an Excel add-in-
    I created the add-in via VS 2010 (Visual C# -> Office -> 2010 -> Excel 2010 Add-In) and now need to create a set-up file such that...
  2. How do I add VSTO as a prerequisite to my .NET setup?

    I have a .NET project (written in C#) that is a plug-in for Outlook. For this to work, I need VSTO installed on the machine. This is why I would like VSTO to be a prerequisite to my Setup, but it's...
  3. How can I make a self updating application - specifically a plug-in - via C#?

    I don't think I can use ClickOnce (or can I) because it is a plug-in...
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    Detecting Outlook Button Clicks

    Suppose I open up Outlook 2007. On the bottom left, there are four folder buttons: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.

    I will have a C# plug-in running and wondering if there is anyway to detect...
  5. How does one programatically arrange Outlook Tasks by category?

    Alright. In Outlook, if I want to arrange my tasks by categories, I can go View-Arrange By-Categories.

    My question is, is there anyway to do this programatically?

    Thanks a bundle!
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