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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] I'm able to move the mouse pointer and right click but left click does

    I have almost the same case.
    I need to click on particulate point on desktop of my Windows XP. I write such code:

    INPUT i;
    memset(&i, 0, sizeof(INPUT));

    i.type = INPUT_MOUSE;
  2. Re: GetDlgItemTextW/SetDlgItemTextW do not want working

    I found my mistake. Analysing C disassembled code, I found, that I must replace code

    sub rsp, BUF_SIZE*2+20h
    mov String, rsp

    by code

    sub rsp, BUF_SIZE*2+20h
  3. GetDlgItemTextW/SetDlgItemTextW do not want working

    I write a simple demo dialog-based application. I use Windows 7 x64 and ml64 from DDK 7600.16385.0. Dialog box has button ID_READ, edit control ID_DIAM and static control GLAND_LAB. I want to get...
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