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  1. Re: What language should I use for this program? *Beginner programmer*

    I think Java would be a good choise.
  2. Re: Finding the common node of 2 linked lists, without checking the length

    Is this a problem with a known solution (an exercise) or is it an open research problem?
  3. Re: Given a number, find the next higher number

    I don't fancy working on someone else's code so I did my own implementation (according to the program development principle of Stepwise Refinement).

    I think I came up with the same algorithm as...
  4. Re: Relationship Between two Hex strings... programming challenge

    Could you be more specific?
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    Re: shared pointer and up-casting

    It came as a big surprise to me that upcasting of a shared_ptr (as a const reference parameter in a function call) induced a reference counter increment.

    By experiment I've found that the...
  6. Re: [Fibonacci Heaps] Promote a node after more than 2 loss children

    In your exercise, should the answer be based on the Fibonacci Heap in general or on a specific implementation you got handed out?
  7. Re: [Fibonacci Heaps] Promote a node after more than 2 loss children

    Implementations of standard data structures are so refined after years of evolution that you cannot hope to improve on them by changing details.

    Why not just stick to the recipe and get the...
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    Re: Function Reliabilty

    Since the sqrt function you're referring to belongs to the C++ standard library you can expect it to work within the bounds of all mathematically relevant types that belong to standard C++, like say...
  9. Re: Convert a C code to Java code of an Artificial Neural Network Problem

    There are C/C++ to Java converters available both free and commersial. Just search the net.

    You could also engage a consulting firm to do your work for you.
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    Re: shared pointer and up-casting

    I think I'm on to something here. The std::move function seems to prevent the unneccessary copy from being made,


    This is ugly and tedious so the move...
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    Re: shared pointer and up-casting

    Okay I was wrong. The upcast in the call induces a copying operation. It seems a new smart pointer of the supertype is created and passed in the call.

    I think formally this has to do with the...
  12. Re: Need Help For Understanding C++ Pointer Usage

    That's because otherwise the objects would be copied into the vector. The Employee object would work fine but not the Manager object. It's because when it's copied into an Employee storage position...
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    Re: shared pointer and up-casting

    That's not true. Since the smart pointer is passed to add_child by const reference the call itself won't increment the reference counter because the smart pointer is not being copied (like it would...
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