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    Using a String as Variable Name

    Once upon a time, I found a code example that allowed you to use a string as a variable name in Visual Basic 6.0.

    The example was extremely simple and worked fine, so I documented it for later...
  2. Re: VB6.0 OLE Control with Video Clip object

    Thanks for the replies.

    The magical method I was looking for was DOVERB().
  3. Re: VB6.0 OLE Control with Video Clip object

    Thanks Bill

    The Multimedia Control will play an avi, but it opens it in its own window.

    I want it to play in the ole control I have on the form.
  4. VB6.0 OLE Control with Video Clip object

    I have an OLE Control on my VB6.0 project form with Video Clip as the object. I have selected a video clip while inserting the control on the form.

    When I run the application, the form and...
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