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  1. Re: does memory need to be released for dynamic controls

    How do you create that dialog? Is it modal or modeless?
    You can release all allocated memory in the dialog's destructor, or, if you keep a dialog object around (and still need to release...
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    Re: bitshifting / buffer overrun

    Mis-aligned pointers on x86
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    Re: Integer Range

    As I understand it, you only need to use these suffixes if the value may get misinterpreted.
    Here, the long long value is assigned to long long variable; works for me without the suffix.
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    Re: Stuck on "else if" exercise

    Don't know how your code looks now, but this appears to be wrong:

    if (ship >= 50)
    ship = num *.40;
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    Re: Integer Range

    The next question is: how do you check the value after that assignment?
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    Re: Integer Range

    As Victor noted, "Some code snippet would also help"
    HOW do you assign that value to that variable?

    P.S. Here is a short demo - can you see the difference?

    long long ll_1 = 5000000000;
  7. Re: c++ injection does not work on windows 8.1

    If you explain why do you need to hack Odesk.exe and what are you trying to achieve, someone may have a better suggestion on how to do that.
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    Re: chkstk.asm Error

    The posted call stack shows no evidence of recursion...
    What is a "lot of fixed size array"? How many?
  9. Re: How to make a std::map return null when there is nothing "at" a certain position?

    This, of course, is true. But we don't know what OP requirements are.
    Also, my suggestion will ONLY work (as laserlight noted) if the value 0 works for missing keys. Luckily, that's what lucky...
  10. Re: How to make a std::map return null when there is nothing "at" a certain position?

    std::map<int, DWORD> unitColors;
    DWORD color = unitColors[42];
  11. Re: Code runs 2x faster on windows than on linux

    Is it OK if I will answer?
    There is only one loop, and there is no unrolling.

    bool b = IsPrime(49999991);
    00911047 mov ecx,2
    0091104C lea esp,[esp]
    00911050 xor...
  12. Re: Code runs 2x faster on windows than on linux

    Let me take a shot at it myself.
    I have eliminated the map and looping, here is the shortest sample I got:

    bool IsPrime(std::size_t num)
    for (std::size_t i = 2; i < num; i++)
    if (num...
  13. Re: Code runs 2x faster on windows than on linux

    Now somebody has to explain why 64-bit version takes that much longer.
  14. Re: Internet Explorer displays a blank page when opening a local file while screen is

    Quick question: what is in the IE's address bar at that point? Your file name? (I assume it is, as F5 refreshes it OK)
  15. Re: Overloading addition and comparing expressions in a while loop

    1. As laserlight suggested, your total variable is default-constructed, and it's bookNo filed is empty as it was never initialized.
    2. You are forcing your users to enter the same ISBN (very long...
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    Re: win32 - how copy the parent background? ?
  17. Re: parent process hangs when spawning child process

    Unless you explicitly call UpdateWindow()...
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    Re: Payroll system....

    I think that has been established:
    "am getting confused at the switch statements etc."
  19. Re: global char type array initializing problem

    Where did you learn this "creative" technique?
  20. Re: MFC: PostMessage and Handling it without the hassle (and a question).

    This, unfortunately, will fail if you manage to post two or more messages before your window proc will get to process them.
  21. Re: Modal dialog unexpectedly becomes non-modal

    You are welcome. Glad my crystal ball still works :)
  22. Re: Modal dialog unexpectedly becomes non-modal

    I respectfully disagree. In fact, I made a short demo yesterday to prove it:
    Simple MFC SDI app, modal About dialog creates modeless secondary dialog. If you set the main app window as the parent of...
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    Re: File opening and closing after 24 hours

    It most certainly is not the same strange :) The stated 24hrs periodicity implies correlation with date.

    Agree with everything. As was suggested above, most decent logging libraries include...
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    Re: Problems With EnableWindow()

    You got it. Just some minor corrections:
    - EnableWindow() is not a posted message, it is processed immediately;
    - all messages will be processed by the main window's WindowProc; I use "eat message"...
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    Re: Problems With EnableWindow()

    You are welcome, but I'm not too proud of that :)

    If your processing involves some kind of a loop, I would move that message pump into that loop; that would make your app responsive.
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