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  1. How to reverse the order of the second elements?

    I want the second elements ordered from largest (positive) to smallest (negative)
    Currently I got these outputs.

    0 -34.3203 -30.013 -32.1828 -28.1286
    1 -32.1828 -30.013 -31.114 -29.0708
  2. Re: Is binary searching on sorted vector considerably faster than using at?

    I used to run a tailored-made hash table, due to the fact that the map is rather static.
    But what I did was calculating which tile the position falls in.
    But now I am using some special grid...
  3. Re: Is binary searching on sorted vector considerably faster than using at?

    Okay, got it
  4. Re: Is binary searching on sorted vector considerably faster than using at?

    Okay, let me explain this.
    I have a series of bounding boxes which form a grid in my game map
    for example
    0,0 to 2,2
    2,2 to 4,4
    4,4 to 6,6
    when I look up a position say 1,1. I would like...
  5. Re: Is binary searching on sorted vector considerably faster than using at?

    Hello laserlight,
    I still got a question.
    Since the vector is indexed by its position, if the indexes are custom object instead, say I want to sort by the bounding boxes
    and query by a position...
  6. Is binary searching on sorted vector considerably faster than using at?

    Here I am after a sorted vector based on a custom object like this

    tilesX = _tiles;
    sort(tilesX.begin(), tilesX.end(), QuadNodeBroadPhaseSorterX());

    QuadNodeBroadPhaseSorterX will sort...
  7. CMake unable to build a project when both vs2010 ultimate and express are installed

    It insists to look for the express version for building 64bit projects
    even though I have re-installed VS2010 ultimate on top of vs2010 express again.
    How can I make CMake to look for the ultimate...
  8. Replies

    How to prevent buffer overflows?

    I have declared some local variables in various places inside a function.
    I have checked the boundary checks option in the C++ option section.
    But sometimes some local variables will get...
  9. Some use of syntax won't compile on Visual Studio 2010

    As I didn't write this code, I had no ideas what the original writer's intention was.
    So I assume he was assigning the minimum allowed value of int to the first parameter
    and max to the second....
  10. Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate auto completion not working?

    I type in the class name, the method can auto-complete, but the signature cannot.
    Do I have to take a step further?
  11. Re: What happened to the numeric bindings module of boost?

    I've been looking for the the lapack and blas libraries for Visual Studio 2010 (debug x64 build)
    in the site I provided above only has release build, just a matter of integrity, I want to...
  12. After downgrading to Visual Studio 2010, I just couldn't compile this snippet

    Due to the reason of incompatibility of certain sub-projects, I had to resort to downgrade to visual studio 2010
    for the time being, Just wonder why this won't compile on 2010?
    Any ideas?
  13. Re: What happened to the numeric bindings module of boost?

    Seems like I have to compile one of these and link them in afterwards to the application.
    But I find no info on the net on how to go about compile this library
  14. What happened to the numeric bindings module of boost?

    The application I am after requires the numeric bindings to work correctly.
    But in boost 1.55 it no longer exists.
    I watch some posts on the net, some state I can reinstall it back into the main...
  15. Are there any tutorials/tools on teaching how to patch C++ project.

    I have obtained a patch from boost for version 1.55 that applies so that it can be built under visual studio 2013.
    I wonder if there are any tutorials on how to go about patching the source code?...
  16. What are all the meanings of Runtime library /MD /MT etc and the file it prodiuces.

    I notice there are two options in the project settings in a Visual C++ project that
    might be related
    1) producing a dll file, debug/release multi-threaded DLL runtime library
    2) producing a dll...
  17. Re: The linker cannot find the file I didn't specify in my project?

    I tried to wrap a big project which consists of a numerous sub-projects into statically linked library.
    But one of the sub-projects complains that
    The link time library (statically linked)...
  18. Selectively use dynamic linking?

    How can I create a program that is partially dynamically linked, and some parts set to statically linked (like some third party libraries)?
  19. Can I install third party addons/plugins to VS2013 Community?

    Never heard of this stuff before,
    but is it possible or allowed?
  20. Got the .obj and .exe files. How do I reassemble the whole thing back...

    I want to change something within the executable and reassemble the whole thing back
    into one single LE executable.
    The thing is
    1) I don't have the font files that are accessed by this program...
  21. Are there any Unix Compatible API libraries available for windows 7 x64?

    I want to call on the header like
    #include <sys/wait.h>

    fork, getpid()
    I am wondering how I can substitute those calls under windows 7 x64.
    I've a got a library which is called Festival...
  22. How can I have an unordered_set with two comparison behaviour?

    struct NodePoolKey {

    NodePoolKey(int minX, int maxX, int minZ, int maxZ, long t) {
    this->minX = minX;
    this->minZ = minZ;
    this->maxX = maxX;
    this->maxZ = maxZ;
    this->t = t;
  23. Re: Program crashes when optimized for speed for release build

    I went back to debug build for a while, and fix something and come back again.
    Yes, the problem still persists.

    void cPhysics::addStaticMesh(CObject* pObj)
    DWORD numInd = 0;...
  24. How to synchronize on a data structure?

    I've got a variable, which may be written by two threads in arbitrary order.
    How do I write a synchronize statement like in Java.
    So that only one thread can write over that variable at a time?...
  25. Re: How to avoid cross comparisons in permutation finding?


    for (auto it_1 = m_walkables.cbegin(); it_1 != it_end; ++it_1) {
    for (auto it_2 = std::next(it_1); it_2 != it_end; ++it_2) {

    How do I do the combination finding in this order?...
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